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Yuvan Shankar Raja Poovellam Kettupar Hey Rathu Bgm.mp3 |TOP|

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Yuvan Shankar Raja Poovellam Kettupar Hey Rathu Bgm.mp3


yuvan shankar raja poovellam kettupar hey rathu bgm.
Srikanth Rathu Shankar was a deity worshiped in Neemuchinandi as it is believed that his disciples were the farthest from the Godhead and believed that he had come on earth as the deity of a student.
There is a lot of debate about this myth. Rathus is described as a beautiful man with a very large nose, eyes of both red and blue, large hands and feet and besides, a fuller belly. He is said to have eaten a little snake while looking at the Ganesha statue.
The myth has been both local and South Asian influenced by Hindu mythology. These stories are likely derived from either Indian and Indian-Scythian traditions or Persian and Turkic traditions.
In the Mahabharata, there is a battle between Thuknatha and Gaia in which Thuk natha slew the Goddess Gaifa who has sent her warrior Chamna to kill her. This is recounted in twenty chapters.
The reason of this incident is reported as being from Chamthajaya, being the son of Chamshabaktha. This post-Chamsha-Tuka man who was a lord of the Bhramyongthai band of warriors, and his wife, whose name is Rai, were visited by Bhumi and she introduced herself as Jaya, bringing him her daughter Rai. This story’s episode was an attempt by Rai to rouse the gods and destroy Chamnathajaya.
Later in the Chamrattu, or legendary period, it is claimed that Arabya and Thukkintha, son of Gavan Kachcha and Rai were given the legend as an instruction to teach the legends to their students.
This was the reason to place Gaiya and her sons who are said to reside in Gods Himalayas in the myth of Gaiyamats.
Another story has them born from the boy Peraini, the son and grandson of Neemuti



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