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PORTABLESR Regular Expression Wizard is a quick and easy to use wizard for constructing regular expressions, i.e. text based search & replace patterns that can be used in batch files or scripts.
Unlike the built-in Windows Textpad editor, this program features the ability to visualize the effect of each search or replace term in a separate sample of text that you can paste into the program from the clipboard or retrieve from a file on disk.
The sample text can be modified at any point by returning to the starting screen. The actual search and replace can then be carried out in a separate dialog with the desired results.
•Paste the sample text from the clipboard into the program in the standard Windows Clipboard format.
•It is compatible with the most popular text editing programs.
•Displays the entire sample text in color, allowing you to highlight individual terms of the expression to see the effect they will have on the overall expression.
•Associates highlighting of a specific term with a unique, convenient and unobtrusive keyboard shortcut that you can customize.
•Allows you to change the sample text in the text editor on-the-fly. This allows you to experiment with a limited amount of the overall expression at a time, and then simply proceed to the final, complete ‘Search’ and ‘Replace’ dialogs to initiate the actual search and replacement.
•Enables you to pass the final search & replace results into the search & replace fields on the main program dialogs.
•Supports ‘Search’ and ‘Replace’ expressions, i.e. patterns for locating text and replacing it with a different string of text.
•Keeps all the information you create in the Wizard in a small-size text file.
•Uses robust, powerful, customizable regular expression syntax.
•Uses a simple and easy to follow Wizard interface.
•Supports all major Windows platforms (both 32-bit and 64-bit).
•Supports most major flavors of the popular text editing programs (WordPad, MS Word, Notepad, Notepad++, Textpad, UltraEdit).
•Supports Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. Unicode text.
•Supports full (case-insensitive) and partial (ignore the case) searching.
•It is compatible with the most recent versions of the Windows operating systems.
•Supports Unicode text.
•Can be used to construct your own search or replace 384a16bd22

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“lower_case” defines if the lowercase form of a letter will be used for the labels or not. “capitalize” defines if the labels will be in capitals or not.

“symmetric_axis_labels” defines if the labels for the symmetry axis will be symmetric (e.g. x vs x or y vs y) or not. The case of the labels will always be the same, e.g. { x vs x, y vs y } -> { X vs X, Y vs Y }.

“variable_names_regexp” defines if variables will be named (regexp like) or not (in which case simply use an underscore as a variable).

“graphical_layout” defines the type of the graphs (polar, polar_or_circular,…)

“time_axis” defines if the time axis is the x or the y axis

The variables “samples” and “data” define the number of the samples and data points on the plot.

“label” defines the labels for the variable names. It is a two dimension array with the first dimension indicating the variable names and the second dimension indicating the labels.

“title” defines the title for the plot

“legend” defines the legend entry. It is a two dimension array with the first dimension indicating the variable names and the second dimension indicating the labels.

“xlabel” defines the x-axis label

“ylabel” defines the y-axis label

“autoscale” defines if the scale will be autoscaled or not.


“lower_case” is true.
“symmetric_axis_labels” is false.
“variable_names_regexp” is true.
“graphical_layout” is polar.
“time_axis” is true.
“label” is {x,y}.
“legend” is [{“x”, “y”}, {“x”, “z”}] “title” is “Double-Column Bar Chart”.


For double-column bar chart with x as time axis,

DoubleBarChart dbc = new DoubleBarChart( title, samples, “data”, data );


DoubleBarChart dbc = new DoubleBarChart( title, samples, “data”, data, time


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