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Winaptic is a package manager that is based on a similar system
to the one used by unix-based systems. Instead of having a separate
shell, Windows has a separate application to install, update and
fetch packages. Winaptic provides a command line interface to
manipulate installed packages. This allows you to issue update
commands, install packages, etc.
Winaptic is designed to be used with any Unix-like system.
Instead of asking for a Unix path, Winaptic finds the package
folder on your hard drive and uses that as the base for its
operations. If you don’t have a package folder, Winaptic will
create one for you. The package folders are hidden, so it’s easy
to forget that you have them.
Winaptic works with all popular packages. There are three basic
types of packages: free and open-source, community and commercial.
It also has a command line package editor.
Each package has an associated package file. This file contains
information about the package, such as a description, versions,
dependencies, etc. When Winaptic encounters the package file, it
downloads the associated package and installs it.
When Winaptic encounters a package file, it downloads and updates
all packages that were installed by that package. This includes
additional packages that are required by other packages.
Winaptic allows you to select packages to install and/or update,
and to set options for the operation. You can view the details of
the packages, and you can configure Winaptic to install the
packages from a set of directories, or to use an autoupdater
service. Winaptic includes a built-in autoupdater service.
Winaptic can also modify its configuration, such as changing its
programs, updating mirrors and fonts, etc. Winaptic will remember
the modified configuration after a reboot.
Winaptic can support multiple active users. When using more than
one user, Winaptic uses the fork mechanism to change from one user
to another. This allows Winaptic to operate in a multi-user mode
while keeping all of the users’ configurations separate.
Winaptic supports the FTP, HTTP and IMAP protocols. The FTP and
HTTP protocols can be used to download and install packages. The
IMAP protocol can be used to fetch update the status of packages 384a16bd22

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Reset channel keys on DVRs

Aspire Timeline (ABC) TV

TheEurekaSkyBox (ABC) TV

Smart HDTV Control

Smart TV Remote

What is new in official DirecTV Remote Control 3.3 software version? – What is expected in the future?
What is expected in the future?
The app will be optimized for tablets.

Download From Here

DirecTV Remote Control

DirecTV Remote Control is a simple and intuitive piece of software designed to provide you with the ability of controlling one or more DVR devices from your computer, allowing you to perform a wide range of actions without having to use the physical remote control.
Clean and easy to understand appearance
The utility is fairly easy to understand and handle, but keep in mind that you need to have Yahoo! Widget Engine on your system, otherwise DirecTV Remote Control will not be able to function.
The main interface reproduces the image of an actual remote control, allowing you to select the DVR that you want to use, supporting up to eight different devices, as well as access, edit and create ‘Macros’, which are then listed on the left side of the virtual remote.
Right-clicking on DirecTV Remote Control will reveal a menu where you can adjust the ‘Widget Preferences’, as well as enter the targeted DVR IP addresses and start creating your macros.
Input the DVR IPs and begin controlling them from afar
In order to get started, you can access the ‘Widget Preferences’ and go the ‘IP 1’ or ‘IP 2’ tabs, where you can setup the IP addresses and names of up to four DVRs in each. The name you input will be displayed in the main interface when selecting the device you want to control.
The ‘General’ section enables you to display the ‘Full Size Remote’, whether to ‘Speak Macro Text’, ‘Speak Key Name’ or ‘Speak Title’. The rest of the tabs, named ‘Macros’, allow you to input the preferred label, then enter the actions you want the ‘Macro’ to perform, one after the other, with spaces between them.
The supported actions are poweroff, format, replay, stop, advance, rewind, forward, pause, record, up, down, left, right, back, info, menu, and several others. However, keep in mind that DirecTV Remote Control


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