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With this in mind, we highly recommend this simple to use software, which takes less than five minutes to learn.

One of Ardor’s most powerful features is the generation of web-based content. This useful application helps any teacher to generate interactive multimedia such as word games, audio, video and Flash projects without any previous programming knowledge.

This efficient tool was created by Edgar Linares into a straightforward, PC-friendly tool which makes it easy for any teacher to cde4edac5b

The 1-minute…

Globus is a program to provide easy access to Earth and Universe. It enables to rotate and zoom Earth globe, and to switch models to super-satellite information about different planets of the Universe. You can also navigate through Universe

Shine Blue Globe Professional is a space ship like video game for children, but with no shooting required. It’s like Shrek only in space, and it took the world by storm. The game is fun, but

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