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Tumblr Savior For Safari Crack Free Download







Tumblr Savior For Safari Crack + Free 2022 [New]

* Protects your privacy
* Quickly filters out posts based on black and white lists
* Make your experience with Tumblr pleasant and enjoyable
* Refreshes the content shown on your dashboard every time you open the Safari window
* Supports all browsers that currently support Safari

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Tumblr Savior For Safari Activation Key

✓ Filter out unwanted messages/posts using white and black lists:
It can be a nightmare to filter out all of the annoying posts that plague Tumblr.
So, I created something like a savior for this problem; it can filter out unwanted messages/posts using white and black lists:
✓ Quickly search for desired posts using search box:
Most of Tumblr users don’t know about the search box, you can use it.

✓ Hide/display sources of posts:
Most of Tumblr users don’t know the reason why they got their posts.
If you don’t want to get one, you can hide it.
✓ Hide notifications about added/hidden posts:
Sometimes you might miss some of your posts, especially when you are busy posting.
On the other hand, the notification will get annoying.
✓ Easily manage and use Tumblr’s extension icons:
➤ Easily manage/find theme icons:
There are some themes, such as MNS, Neatis, Moratorium etc.
And that’s why I created a ‘hidden’ button with icon to find the theme icons easily.
➤ Easily manage/find tags icons:
✓ Easily manage/find favicon icons:
✓ Easily manage/find stop icon:
➤ Easily manage/find share icon:
➤ Easily manage/find theme icons (New):
➤ Easily manage/find search box:
➤ Easily manage/find account name/password icon:
✓ Simply drag and drop any kind of icons from icon-libraries into the ‘hidden button’ and the icons will be rearranged on the desktop according to your needs.
✓ Create your hidden button:
➤ Easily display any kind of icons:
You can create the hidden button by just dragging and dropping the icons.
➤ Easily locate any hidden button:
If you want to find any of the hidden button, just drag and drop it on any empty space on the desktop.
➤ Easily manage/find ‘stop’ icon:
➤ Easily manage/find share icon:

Tumblr Savior For Safari Crack+

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You cannot post new topics in this forum.
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System Requirements For Tumblr Savior For Safari:

Emulator recommended.
Core i7 2.8GHz or faster processor
8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
Windows 10 64bit
Minimum 12GB HD space
2 USB 3.0 ports (1 port recommended)
Recommended Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1080, GTX 1070, GTX 1060
Recommended Storage: 16GB+
Minimum Recommended Specifications:
i7 2.8GHz or faster processor
8GB RAM (16GB recommended)

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