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The MHX Classroom Helper is a utility that adds a layer of functionality to your Windows 7 desktop. With it, you can quickly and easily access, rename, move, copy and cut files and folders to other folders. MHX Classroom Helper is extremely easy to use. A few clicks and you are done. It’s as simple as that. No special knowledge is required and it works without the use of any special settings in your Windows Registry or without any help of third party applications.
MHX Classroom Helper is very stable. It works well with all Windows 7 versions and can be used on up to 64 bit operating systems. There are no issues when using it on the 64-bit version of Windows 7.
Getting started with MHX Classroom Helper is very easy. You can quickly and easily add folders to the folder list. It will also automatically detect all the folders in your system and provide you with the folder list. The app will ask you if you want to add all the folders or only those that are not currently listed.
For example, in the following folder tree, you can see that the app finds and lists the folder in the topmost level of the folder tree as well as the folder in the bottom level.
Selecting any of the folders in the list will move it into the folder list. You can rename any folder that is in the folder list. You can also delete any folder from the folder list. The folders are moved to the top of the folder list. To add the folders back to the folder tree, select the Add to folder tree button on the upper left side of the app.
The button also allows you to remove any folder from the folder tree and replace it with another folder from the list. If you wish to remove all the folders from the folder tree and replace it with another folder list, select the Delete All button on the upper left side of the app.
The following folder tree contains a duplicate of the folder tree from above. By selecting any folder from the folder tree list, you can move it to another folder tree. You can also rename any folder in the folder tree.
The app can run in two modes. It can run in either the folder tree view or in the folder list view. To switch between the modes, select the button on the top left side of the app.
The folder tree view mode shows the folder tree view with the folder list on the right side of the window. It will detect and list the folders in d82f892c90

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It is a macro file that supports the Advanced Macro Recording (AMR) and iMacro (standalone) functions of the IBM i and the IBM iSeries AS/400 with a maximum of 20,000 steps of recording. It is based on the GEMB command language and the SUN Microsystems Java programming language. It is a part of the IBM iSeries AS/400 iMacro Library Edition which can be downloaded from the IBM Web site.

DXref Native for DB2 is a plug-in for Microsoft Word that allows you to reference any DXref reference data in an IBM DB2 database.
DXref Native for DB2 includes the following enhancements:

DXref Native for DB2 features automatic mapping between DB2’s native data types and Microsoft Word’s file type (e.g., from DB2’s text fields to Microsoft Word’s text fields, from DB2’s date/time fields to Microsoft Word’s date/time fields, and so on). In addition, DXref Native for DB2 supports mapping between the DB2’s native data types and Word’s numeric data types (e.g., from DB2’s numeric fields to Microsoft Word’s numeric fields).

DB2 for Linux DB2 for Linux is an open source database solution that provides the functionality required to run DB2 for i5, Linux and AIX-based platforms. This version, based on the 6.1.0 release of the DB2 for i5 and Linux for AIX operating systems, includes features such as management views, interactive SQL and enhanced administration tools.
DB2 for Linux provides the following benefits:

Provides support for the DB2 for Linux for AIX family of platforms
Eliminates the need to manage DB2 for i5 and Linux separately for AIX-based platforms
Enables DB2 for Linux to be used as a standard DB2 for i5 product
Offers a cost-effective solution for DB2 for i5 and Linux users that require a highly scalable, reliable, and supported DB2 for Linux solution
DB2 for Linux is being developed and maintained by the DB2 team at the IBM Corporation and is based on the DB2 for i5 release.

DB2 for Linux provides the following enhancements:

Easy to install, manage and use
Open source platform
Flexible and scalable
Operates on Linux, AIX and Windows operating systems
Includes the latest releases of the DB2 for i5 and Linux for AI


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