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– Make a list of current files and folders by clicking the “+” button (see screenshot).
– It is possible to choose whether the paths should be ignored, which could be useful when recreating a whole disk, or making backups. You can also choose whether the paths should be deleted, which could be useful when deleting just a few files or folders.
– Clicking the “X” button removes the selection.
– A pause button when in the middle of a process.
– From the settings menu you can choose how many overwrite runs you want to perform, or the type of methods (basic, military, or peter gutmann).
– Delete the log after the process.
– Open the log in order to check if all processes are completed.
– Clear the list of files by clicking the trash icon.
– All of the changes made by Portable WipeFile are kept in the local cache, so you can always get the latest information and use the app on another computer.
What’s new
Portable WipeFile received a 2.0 update that includes:
– Removed the user icon, so it should be easier to uninstall from the Settings menu.
– Improved support for files in archives.
– Improved support for files on external drives.
– Improved support for USB drives.
How to run Portable WipeFile
1) Run Portable WipeFile, select the user data folder, and press the “+” button to add all the paths to the list.
2) When you find a file that you want to delete, right-click on it, and choose the “Wipe” option from the pop-up menu. This will open a list of files in the folder that can be deleted, as well as the number of runs that will be made. You can see the details of the chosen run at the top right corner.
3) You can press the “pause” button, or select the option from the menu in order to pause the wipe process.
4) Press the “X” button to remove the selected file or folder from the list.
5) Once the wipe is completed, the log can be viewed by clicking the trash icon.
If you are experiencing any issues, please contact the developer.
![Main Window][1] ![Settings][2] ![Wipe Panel][3] ![Logs][4] ![Settings][5] ![Wipe 84e02134c1

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Add content, design and customization to your website.
The content editor allows you to edit the text, images and HTML code of your webpage. The text editor provides an array of formatting tools, such as bold, italic, underline and strikethrough. You can also add hyperlinks, tables and images. To ensure you’re using the correct formatting, the editor offers built-in validation.
HTML Editor:
Edit and view your website’s HTML code. You can also create a table of contents for your webpage.
Fully editable and customizable web templates, from basic to premium.
You can fully customize all templates to your liking with the use of drag and drop. This gives you full code control. You can also create your own templates.
Pre-made Web Templates:
Each template has its own editor, and is available for you to download.
You can quickly and easily create web pages that resemble the templates.
Link Generator:
Generate hyperlinks with up to 15 possible variations. For example, you can add a title, target a website or change the URL or text.
You can also upload images from your computer. The resulting link can be customized with up to 15 options. You can choose to insert an icon or a text.
CMS Template Builder:
Include or remove features from your CMS template and generate the HTML code. You can also make the content appear as a list or a table, with various options for customizing the rows and columns.
The template editor is intuitive, enabling you to create and preview templates in no time.
The HTML codes are written in a clean, structured way.
Every template has its own CSS editor that you can edit to your liking.
You can edit or hide all unnecessary and extra HTML code and tables.
you can add your own styles or edit pre-existing ones.
Automatically backup your website. It also allows you to save or restore the webpages’ HTML code.
Faster and more responsive website.

Sticky Notes Manager is a simple, useful tool to manage your tasks.Stickies are floating notes with text that you can keep for a short period of time, and add or delete at any time.The list of the notes that you have created can be displayed, and you can view, mark, delete or re-order them. Sticky Notes Manager supports text, URL, and QR code St

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