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“The KEYMACRO Developer’s Toolkit is a set of powerful applications that give you the power to design and control many different functions of the Macintosh. From Macro recording to customizable keyboards, LED notification and much more, the KEYMACRO Developer’s Toolkit is a collection of applications that will help you to create a powerful personal tool kit for your computer.”

Tsukkomi is an online game where you are to sit on a reclining chair in front of the computer and respond to pop-up questions.
This is the sort of conversation I’ve been having lately with my husband since we have started watching a lot of dramas on Netflix.
Some pop-up questions in Tsukkomi are less generic, asking for answers like “Do you like this?” and “Do you think this is better or worse?”
But even some of these questions are answered in rather non-standard ways, like: “I can’t tell you. You decide.” or “This one is good. That one sucks.”
While these have their own charm, the problem is that they don’t fit into the flow of ordinary conversation. In English, “can’t tell you” is a clear way to say you don’t know something, “sucks” is pretty much used as a synonym for “good”, and the most unexpected replies are “it depends on the context” and “it’s an irrelevant question to ask me”.
If there is one common thread that unites all of these, it’s that there’s some kind of confusion in between what you think you’re doing and the results that pop up on your screen. I find it quite a humbling and educational experience, especially if you’re asking about your own relationships.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have so many of these messages?

I take several steps to make sure the information you need to make an important life decision is available to you, and this is one of them.

That’s pretty cool. How do I get started?

Follow the steps outlined here to set up the service. You will get a confirmation email from the US Census Bureau. If you do not get this email, check your spam folder.

How often do I get these messages?

They will be delivered once every 5 years.

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KeyMACRO is a free Open Source macro recorder which provides an intuitive way to record clips or entire web pages using mouse clicks.
KEYMACRO has several features including dynamic clipboard support, a built-in browser for web pages, a fast clipboard search, built-in FTP client, etc.
Most of the features can be used in a keyboard-centric manner. KeyMACRO also supports mouse clicks.
To help you with your mission, KEYMACRO has built-in keyboard shortcuts that can be toggled on or off at any time.
KEYMACRO is based on an intuitive graphical user interface that uses drag & drop to make it easy to record and play the web pages.
KeyMACRO is a good choice when you need a small application with good performance that allows you to quickly record and play any web pages with keyboard strokes.
KeyMACRO’s built-in FTP client allows you to transfer any files you need from any website to your OCP storage.
★ Create a new account, backup, restore
★ Edit the source file and search the clipboard
★ Customize the layout of the keyboard shortcuts
★ Record web pages from any website
★ You can copy the clipboard to a new page by pressing ctrl-v
★ Record web pages from a YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, etc. site
★ Online Backup and Restore
★ Easy and intuitive graphical user interface
★ Integration with your PDC
★ Display and search the contents of the FTP server
★ Built-in FTP client
★ Built-in browser for the web pages
★ Built-in File Manager to upload and download files
★ Built-in FTP Client – store personal content in the network
★ FTP server access from within the application
★ Encryption of FTP files with AES-256
★ View files on the FTP server from within the application
★ View the FTP details from within the application
★ Start a video call directly from the application
★ Ability to view the selected file from any remote server
★ Save the selected file to your local computer
★ Move files on the remote FTP server from any application
★ Remount a remote FTP server at a specific directory
★ Ability to select the server using multiple services
★ OCP Account support
★ Built-in HTTP client
★ Built-in SSH client
★ Built-in OpenVPN client
★ Built-in OpenVPN server
★ Built-in OpenVPN server support
★ Built-in OpenVPN tunnel creation


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