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MonitorES is a small software application developed specifically for helping you save energy by automatically turning off your monitor each time you lock the workstation. It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there.

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QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player 8 is the flagship multimedia player for the Mac and Windows platform. It is the premier solution for enjoying the latest features in popular multimedia formats. QuickTime Player 8 offers such capabilities as full support for video and audio formats, display and interaction features, easy media sharing and playing, and easy to use tools and controls. QuickTime Player 8 supports playback of many common media formats including QuickTime MOV, QT WMV, MP4, MP3, WMA, AC3, and several proprietary formats. QuickTime Player supports videos, audio, graphics, and animation files.

Developed by Apple Computer, Inc. using the QuickTime API, QuickTime Player 8 features such integration with the Mac OS X operating system as easy drag-and-drop media playback. QuickTime Player 8 offers an extensive set of user-selectable tools and controls for playback, synchronization, browsing, and editing of media files. QuickTime Player 8 also features a plug-in architecture that allows third-party applications to integrate with the QuickTime Player.

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Sound Forge Audio Editor 10.0

Sound Forge Audio Editor is the state-of-the-art software application for professional and amateur users alike who work with audio. It allows you to record, edit, analyze, process, and mix audio to create professional-quality recordings. With audio recording and editing applications, we now have the ability to quickly and easily capture the sounds of music, voice-overs, and instruments on our computers.

This sophisticated software application lets you record sounds and play them back to listen to. It lets you create music, mix voices, and edit sound clips. With Sound Forge Audio Editor, you can create a wide variety of music by recording instruments, beats, sound effects, and vocals; burn CDs and burn MP3s; convert media files to various formats; edit media files; delete files; add metadata to media files; re-format media files; extract audio from video files; and create audio CDs.

As a professional audio editor, you can record sound clips, edit and trim them, and even perform enhancements such as equalization, filters, and effects eea19f52d2

StegJ is a simple, easy-to-use program that is available for Windows and Mac platforms.
It helps to provide an extra hiding place for your data in the image files.
The program does not require any special knowledge to use.
StegJ allows you to create a new steganographic image using a digital camera and apply the hidden image on it.
StegJ will hide your hidden data in all of the new images you create.
StegJ allows you to select any image file (which is to be stored in the application) and generate a new image in which you will hide your data.
It can be used to store any type of data in the generated files.
StegJ can generate data on your PC and store it in the image files.
StegJ allows you to add/delete/modify the file you want to embed the hidden data in.
You may use this application to embed your data with the image files you create on your PC.
StegJ is intended to be used for academic purposes.
StegJ is Free.
StegJ has five tools to work with the data embedded in the images.
File Manager, Open File, Save Image As, Properties, and Delete
The File Manager tool allows you to browse the images on your PC.
You can select any image file and open it in the File Manager.
You can search for files in the current directory.
You can move, copy, or delete files.
This tool allows you to select any file and view the file properties.
You can change the encoding, color mode, and resolution.
Open File allows you to open any file and to embed your data in it.
You can select any file and it will be embedded with your data.
You may modify the file in which you want to embed the data.
Save Image As allows you to save the images you create in the program.
You can modify the properties of the images you create and save them.
You can select a file on your PC and use it to embed your data into the image.
Properties shows the properties of the selected file and embeds your data.
You can delete the embedded file from the image.
StegJ Features:
StegJ is a steganography software.
It is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.
You can select any file on your PC and embed your data into it using this application.


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