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– small utility to process audio file tags, streaming album art and organize media files
– multi-platform (desktop and mobile)
– use GetTheTag.Application.Settings to set your personalized application options
– installed as a Windows.exe application, in the Program Files folder or any other default folder on a Windows PC
– very light and simple user interface, just one window
– to run the application, you need not to install anything – no setup.exe and no desktop shortcut is generated
– very small footprint (less than 5 MB)
– works without installation on both Windows XP and Windows 7
– can use any local media file on the system as a tag file or a song file to be processed
– process the file tags, streaming album art and organize media files
– has an embedded Last.FM service, that allows you to find out which artists and albums are mentioned in the file tags of the file
– has an embedded lyrics search service that finds out the list of artists and albums, as well as the lyrics to them, and it will also present the corresponding album art and the current song playing in your audio file
The GetTheTag.Application.Settings file is in the GetTheTag.Application.Settings.txt format and is used for customizing the application behavior. It uses Visual Studio.Settings files and can be edited in any text editor, after compilation.

The tag and album art processing is done with a custom-made MultiTagLib# parser class. It allows you to process only specific tags like Album Art, Last.FM tags and others.

The lyrics search and the music player is done using the built-in C# Last.FM library, that is in WPF and MVVM by default, but it can be configured to use other frameworks as well.

See GetTheTag homepage for screenshots and demonstration videos.

See GetTheTag Homepage and GetTheTag.TagProcessing for more information.

The key features of GetTheTag include:
– process audio file tags, streaming album art and organize media files
– process Last.FM tags, such as albums, artists, songs, playlists
– process additional tags such as ARTISTS, TITLE, LYRICS
– process media file tags such as ALBUMART, ARTIST, GENRE, LYRICSPICTURE
– process custom file tags, such 4f8c9c8613

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keymacro is a simple and small keychain manager that allows you to store your passwords easily and quickly.
keymacro is an application that allows you to store your passwords and to memorize them.
keymacro is a keychain manager, very easy to use and that is not very resourceful.
This project has been created as an educational example with the following features:
– keymacro can be used for many applications (e.g. the site of a browser, key from software)
– the plugin of keymacro is now integrated into the software lz4.
– for each application, you can manage one or more passwords in a keychain
– it is possible to change passwords from the menu
– it is possible to edit the keychain (add and remove keys)
– the keychain is stored on your hard disk
– you can display a list of your passwords or display them in the memory or in a file
– you can save a list of your passwords as a list file or as a.keypass
– all passwords are stored in plaintext files
– encryption of the passwords is optional and can be set on a file by file basis
– in the case of no encryption, passwords are not stored with any encryption
– it is possible to record a new password for the current keychain by taking the former password, the current time and the length of the current password
– the current time can be recorded with a file or with a system clock
– the length of a password is recorded in plaintext and can be found out by the software
– a password can be turned off, with the software (for each keychain)
– all passwords are stored in the registry (with a password) and are protected by a password
– all passwords are read from the registry and encrypted with a RSA key
– the key can be stored in a password-protected file
– passwords are searched in the registry in a file named regpass (with a password)
– passwords are searched in the registry in a file named regpass (with a password) and are encrypted with a RSA key
– it is possible to encrypt the registry using a password and a RSA key
– there is a GUI to control the keylist, where you can view, create and delete keys
– the software can display a list of all applications registered and a list of all applications that have the Plugin lz4 keymacro installed
– the software can display]buy


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