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My college has a dumb subway system with the entrance/exit ramps one going each way in the opposite direction. Had to walk on the tracks side of the ramp to cross. Coming back from a route change I saw someone jaywalking. Took video on my iPhone4 for a possible police report. I hiked, not my fitness level, I walked to the 511s for my 7am bus. If I see anything at all I want to report it. Might be good to know where I am going and everything is even the sign is wet and the walk-light is broken.

TL;DR version: mapplebee

Both me and are very tolerant to minor, transient, not criminal cases.

However, I do like having a reference point for such cases. I decided to add a ticket for jaywalking.

At 22:56

Mapplebee: The video shows both were jaywalking, without crossing into the other direction on the ramp as the side of the ramp is not a transit line. The complaining person was not jaywalking but using the ramp as a short cut. As such it is still a violation of the transit codes not to keep to one’s left. You should bring it to the attention of the transit Police and hope it is worth your time and the large bill they demand.

Mapplebee: The traffic accident in the video was not related to the use of the ramp but occurred before or after. So it was not related to use of the ramp itself. It’s all about not jaywalking or not misusing street signs and the laws related to pedestrians not using the sidewalk or crosswalk.

Mapplebee: The choice for jaywalking is wide open. One might get a ride and a ticket without the ticketing officer having to be there at all. Or one might refuse it and risk a trip to the lockup. Or one might have his or her “colorful incident” snapped by the on-the-street camera and get an immediate ticketing. The choice is yours.

Not for fun but I do believe that we should have video cameras on each end of crosswalks for pedestrians so that our safety and the safety of other pedestrians are improved and as well as we all walk with some respect.

DLC: Exploit them! In context, I was referring to the stuff you’d get if you just grabbed the two DLCs.

I figured out a way to


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