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SkimID3 [March-2022]

SkimID3 (pronounced “skimm-id-three”) is a tiny console utility that reads metainformation from sound files in formats MP3, Ogg, WMA, ASF, WAV. Information is written on standard output in the format AttributeName=Attribute value. Output format changes to SET AttributeName=Attribute value when parameter /S (alias /SET) is used.

When a parameter /D or /DC is given instead of file name, SkimID3 creates HTML documentation file SkimID3.HTM (English) or SkimID3C.HTM (Czech) in the current directory.

Parameter /S (or /Set) tells SkimID3 to prefix each output line with the command SET. This allows to set metainformation into environment variables in W9x batches.

Parameter /W (or /Wait) makes SkimID3 to wait until a key Enter is pressed. This prevents the console window from quickly disapearing when SkimID3 is invoked from Explorer or from Start/Run dialog.


Last check: 26.07.2013


you can use and help develop SkimID3.

Information about software SkimID3.
SkimID3 is free for download.
There are no distribution licenses.
This is a Freeware.
License is granted to use and enjoy SkimID3.
You are free to use SkimID3 in any way you want.
You are free to modify and distribute the source code.
It is allowed to use the result of modifications in any commercial project.


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SkimID3 Free PC/Windows

—- —- ———————————
– HoldBackslash Set or clear holdBack of Enter key.
– Help Key Starts the help page.
– HTMLKey Starts the HTML file generator.
– KeySearch Toggles searching options.
– KeySource Set or clear source of the variable.
– KeySuspend Displays search options.
– KeySet or clear the system hotkey.
– KeyWait Enables or disables the waiting of the command line.
– KeyClear All the variables.
– KeyShow Toggles show variables.
– QuitKey Returns to the command prompt.
– KeySet Sends the Enter key.
– KeyClear Toggles keys in the list.
– KeyOptions Enables or disables the options.
– KeyPause Enables or disables the command line pause.
– KeyProgress Toggles progress bar.
– KeyReverse Sends the command line backwards.
– KeyStop Enables or disables the command line stop.
– KeyMove Up moves the cursor up a page.
– KeyMove Down moves the cursor down a page.
– KeyAlt Up moves the cursor up a page and the key `↑` is pressed.
– KeyAlt Down moves the cursor down a page and the key `↓` is pressed.
– Keysmaks Enables or disables the key macros.
– KeyReload Reloads the script.
– KeyHotspot Toggles hotpot.
– KeyLock Locks and unlocks the key macros.
– KeyLog Toggles the logfile.
– KeyReboot Restarts the script.
– KeyClearLog Clear the log.
– KeyRemove Log entries.
– KeyCopy ToClipboard copy all the keys to the clipboard.
– KeyClear toClipboard clear the copy.
– KeyHotspot clear hotpot.
– KeySave Cancel the current save.
– KeyLoad Load the script from a file.
– KeyEvaluate Evaluates the script.
– KeyMute Mutes or unmutes the key macros.
– KeyExtract Extract the script from a file.
– KeyDuplicate Duplicates the key macros.
– KeyNozzle Squeeze the key macros.
– KeyRotate Rotate the key macros.
– KeyClipboard Upload the key macros.
– KeySuspend display the suspended keys.
– KeyWait disable

SkimID3 Crack+

The SkimID3 application allows to set and inspect various information in WAV, MP3, Ogg, ASF and WMA files.
/Set Output is prepended with the command SET. This parameter may be used to set environment variables in the W9x, as well as for scripting and batch-setting.
/DC Creates HTML documentation file in the current directory that lists all available parameters, sample file locations, and any file attributes. Used in conjunction with the /D parameter, it creates a file that lists the parameters of the file being inspected.
/Wait SkimID3 exits immediately upon receiving a key Enter. Only the console window will be displayed, not Explorer or Start/Run dialogs.
Sample file types:
Input: WAV, MP3, Ogg, ASF, WMA
Output: SkimID3.htm or SkimID3C.htm (English), SkimID3.html (Czech)
MP3/Ogg/ASF file with media type set to “WMA (Microsoft Windows Media Audio)”.
Attributes inspected:
Title: Name of file, as it is displayed on Windows Explorer.
Comment: Comments, file attributes, sample locations, etc.
Artist: Name of author, if present.
Album: Name of album, if present.
Genre: Name of genre, if present.
Track: Name of track, if present.
TitleID: Title’s ID, number of the track, as it is displayed on Windows Explorer.
Note: Note, if present.
CuePointID: CuePoint ID, number of the track, as it is displayed on Windows Explorer.
Performer: Performer, name of the person, if present.
Duration: Track’s duration in seconds, if present.
Bitrate: Bitrate of MP3/Ogg, as it is displayed on Windows Explorer.
SampleRate: Sample rate of MP3/Ogg, as it is displayed on Windows Explorer.
AudioChannels: Number of audio channels, as it is displayed on Windows Explorer.
I’m a bat file author:
SkimID3.bat – a bat file to help the new SkimID3 user.

What’s New In?

SkimID3 was written as console utility to enable people to inspect the metainformation contained in sound files. SkimID3 is not intended to be a simple metainformation viewer.
Instead SkimID3 reads metainformation from sound files and writes it in the format AttributeName=Attribute value on standard output. Sound files can be played as usual.
Information is written to standard output.
SkimID3 is not intended to be used as tool for setting environment variables (i.e. prefixing the metainformation). In this case, use of the parameter /S (alias /Set) is recommended.
Please refer to “Documentation/Technical_Details.htm” for a more detailed description of SkimID3 usage and usage parameters.

See also
List of multimedia software
Metadata editor
Metadata search tool
MusicBrainz Picard: a music annotation program

External links
SkimID3 official website
SkimID3 user’s manual

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