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mp4parser is a small command line program that enables you to read
and modify the header information of MP4 files. It can be used to
inspect and correct DCF information.

mp4parser Specification:

$ mp4parser –help
usage: mp4parser [-h] [-i] [-l] [-o] [-r] [-s] [-t] [-v] [-V] [-w] [-x] [-X] [-c COUNT] [-o OUTFILE] [-p] [-m] [-A ] [-a] [-z] [-zN] [-f NAME] [-g] [-i] [-I INFILE] [-L] [-n] [-v] [-V] [-t] [-C COUNT] [-W] [-c
COUNT] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s] [-t] [-l] [-m] [-w] [-s eea19f52d2

Vita3K is the only working PS Vita Emulator on the planet. It enables you to play PSP games for the PSP, PS1, and PS2 classics.
Vita3K Features:
•Play PSP Games on PC
•Play PS1/PS2 Classics on PC
•Preview and Emulate Games
•Add Emulated Games
•User Interface for Developers
•Readme files for developers
Download Vita3K:

What do you think of Vita3K? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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After some stealth beta testing and looking at the Vita a lot, I have a Vita 3.0 / 3.1 emulator!
Sorry for the audio problems, but I was only testing the app when I recorded the video.

9/9/2014 Update
This project has been archived for 6 months. The application will remain active until further notice.

This application allows you to run PS3 games on the PC. It needs a PS3 or PS4 console with a game disk. You need an original game card that you bought on the PS store. This application doesn’t support online or PS3/PS4 store downloads. However, you can use the built-in browser to visit these websites.

Vita3K is an interesting application at the very beginning of its existence. This PlayStation Vita emulator, the only functional one, if we’re to guide ourselves by what the developer has posted on the program’s website, is an intriguing app to play with if you’ve got the time and are interested in general console to PC ports and software compatibility. While not all games function, as you’d expect with such experimental software


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