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Rinzo is a XML editor, which helps developers create XML documents using the text editor. Developers can easily learn this software, which helps them write/edit XML files by making them editable from within the text editor. This software not only works on Windows but also on Linux, Mac and other platforms.
Rozen Software Search Description:
A search tool that has a handy “Software Search” feature that allows you to search for software or extensions from within the software.
RunRev Description:
RunRev is a powerful application that helps you manage, transfer, and compare app performance data to see how your application is performing. RunRev is specially developed for Window users.
Shelley’s Tidbits Description:
It’s a chat tool that allows you to chat online with friends and other websites. Features include a private messaging system, instant messaging, audio/video calling, webcam, and screen sharing.
Skaffold Development Description:
Skaffold is a continuous integration server that’s used to automate the build and test of your projects across multiple environments. Skaffold is capable of running projects with languages like PHP, Java, Ruby, Go, Node.js, Python, and.NET.
Skype Translator Description:
Skype Translator is a software that allows you to translate video and audio messages in both directions between Skype to Microsoft Office, Skype to Skype, Skype to Facebook, and Skype to Facebook Messenger. The application features an array of features that include pop-up message translation, voice to text, text to voice, and text to speech.
SnapFish Description:
SnapFish is a simple yet extremely powerful image converter that comes with various options that can convert pictures in a snap. SnapFish supports a wide array of file formats including BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PSD, and many others.
Spectacle Description:
Spectacle is an Open Source Mac utility for capturing and saving screenshots. It allows users to capture a screen or a specific window within seconds.
SpiralAI Description:
SpiralAI is a lightweight AI assistant that helps you access, organize, and classify your documents. In short, this is a powerful searchable and file organizer for the masses.
Stealth Description:
Stealth is a silent video recording software that helps you record any Windows screens or videos without being detected. It comes with some unique features that include H.264/A 384a16bd22

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For Macintosh users who have a keyboard with the following configuration, this macro will make it easy to enter text on the keyboard.
(for windows, use [SHIFT]+[INSERT] and [CTRL]+[INSERT])
If you have more than one keyboard layout installed on your computer, you must run the macro from the keyboard layout you prefer.
“Enter” will be replaced with the text you type on the keyboard and “@” will be replaced with the text you typed on the keyboard with the “Insermtion/Insert” key.
Enter the text you want to change to by pressing the “Insermtion/Insert” key (a) and then enter the text you want to replace the previous text with (b).
If you do not want to change the text after pressing the “Insermtion/Insert” key, type in (a) what you want to type after the “Insermtion/Insert” key and then type (b) the text you want to insert.
If you only want to replace the text after pressing the “Insermtion/Insert” key, type in (a) what you want to type after the “Insermtion/Insert” key and then (b) the text you want to insert.
Press [ALT]+[INSERT] or [CTRL]+[INSERT] to run the macro.
To load a new keyboard layout, follow the instructions below.
To select “Show Keyboard Options” in the “Accessibility” panel, click on the “+” icon (top right corner of window).
The “Show Keyboard Options” window will appear.
Click on the button named “Select Keyboard Layout…” in the “Layout Options” window.
Follow the instructions of the “Select Keyboard Layout” window and choose a keyboard layout.
Load a new keyboard layout:
For Mac OS X versions prior to v10.6.x, to load a new keyboard layout follow these instructions.
Step 1:
Click on the “Show Keyboard Options” button (top right corner of window)
Step 2:
Click on the “+” icon in the “Layout Options” window
Step 3:
Click on the “Load a New Keyboard Layout” button
Step 4:
Follow the instructions on the “Load a New Keyboard Layout” window
To load a new keyboard layout for Mac OS X v10.6.x and newer


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