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Beware! Take care not to scare you. Guitarism is about becoming familiar with different scales and modes. If you want to play chords, you need to know how to do it! With Major Scales And Modes For Guitar you can take your learning to the next level by finding out how each scale is produced by the guitar.
What the application has to offer:
You will be able to learn the entire minor and major scale patterns. You can even view them all on one single page so you can understand how they should be fingered and played!
You can play all of the modes over the E, A, D, G, and C (low, high and flattened) major scale.
Your goals:
To explore the various scales and modes.
Your outcomes:
You will learn the major and minor scales of the guitar.
You will be able to play chords over the major and minor scales.
You will be able to play all of the major modes in their entirety.
When you have completed the application you will be ready to play guitar in a new way and be a guitar wizard! Download Now!

PianoScales 8.5
PianoScales is designed to help pianists learn and practice piano scales. It enables the user to instantly learn and practice scales and sight-read a wide variety of songs. It includes over 3,000 scales and modes.
This is the new and improved version of PianoScales with many enhancements.
– Includes 3,000 scales and modes: basic major, minor, harmonic minor, natural minor, augmented, minor pentatonic, and melodic minor modes
– Completely new and improved user interface
– Manage all your scales and modes by adding, deleting, and renaming them
– Each scale can be saved as a file to the document folder
– Each scale can be exported as a text file
– Edit and modify scales in the drop down menus
– Includes scale fingering charts
– Includes PDF manuals for each scale
– Instant access to scales from the main menu, without exiting the program
– Read the manual from the main menu
– Crossfade mode: shows the scale notes in the display of a song to help learn scales
– Song speed: choose to play songs at a slower or faster speed
– Instant replay function: the user can choose the scale mode and choose a scale pattern
– Small and large display mode: the small display mode shows only the scale notes eea19f52d2

– The KPI Field Type displays KPIs in a new form
– The project, task or content type should be selected when creating the web part
– The KPIs are sorted by a field defined in the settings.
– KPIs can be added and removed, sorted, and exported in Excel.

SQL Server is a database engine. It’s an integral part of Microsoft SQL Server which can be used to integrate existing SQL databases into the SharePoint environment.
You can use SQL Server to extract data from databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle, or SQLite to SharePoint
Using a SQL Server database directly from SharePoint is the most efficient way to access data from database servers.
SQL Server Integration with SharePoint:
– SQL Server database engine is the most common database engine used by developers to generate data driven web content.
– To integrate SQL Server database engine into SharePoint, we have two options:
1. Using SQL Server Data Gateway
2. Using SQL Server Linked Servers
• Using SQL Server Data Gateway
– Data Gateway is an easy way to integrate SharePoint with SQL Server databases, because it’s a server to server integration
– In Data Gateway, a SQL Server database engine is installed on a separate server (called the gate keeper server) and a SharePoint server is connected to the gate keeper server to form a single server architecture
– In SQL Server database engine, we use SSIS to move the data from a SQL Server database engine into SharePoint.
• Using SQL Server Linked Servers
– The second option to integrate SQL Server database engine with SharePoint is to use SQL Server Linked Servers.
– SQL Server Linked Servers are used to link a SQL Server database engine to a SharePoint site
– In this option, a SharePoint site is connected to a SQL Server database engine (called the data source server)
– The SQL Server Linked Server is also referred as a link server which links the data source server and the SharePoint server
– The SQL Server Linked Server is connected to both the SharePoint and the data source server. The data is retrieved from the database server using the Database Engine Connections.
– The SQL Server Linked Servers has an option to define a different connection string for each user account.
This can be helpful in situations where there are two or more different accounts that need to access the same SQL Server database engine.

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