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LIFEstyle News MiXture Images. Wallpapers Part (274)


LIFEstyle News MiXture Images. Wallpapers Part (274)

Neiman Marcus
Feb. 7-10, through March 7, 2008
On sale, as of March 20, 2008
(SSS) Indulge in a
high-end shopping spree
for all of your little girl’s
needs. I love me a great pair of shoes, and there’s nothing like an evening out with the girls when they’re all decked out in the same sexy little number, so this is the perfect chance to surprise them with a wardrobe makeover that they won’t soon forget.
But we’re also rolling out a new “Separate and
Common,” concept for my shop. This new
experience will change your perception of the
shop, and I want you to try it.
And don’t worry, I’ll still be here if you
You know the difference in the
feel of money in your pocket
and the feeling of utter delight
when you’re holding an
outrageous bargain… like the
hot new Naeem Khan style
that runs $77.20? Or the
drool-inducing price of the
new Gianfranco Ferrelli
Gazelle print that runs
$180? So why not get your
little one something to make
your collection that much cooler?
I know it’s a little early, but
the T-shirts featuring the
gorgeous new Naeem Khan
collection are sure to make
the perfect holiday gift.
The line includes several
types of polos, and none of
them will ever make them
look inadequate.
10% off ANY purchase
of $50 or more to use
during the trip of your
choice (including cosmetic
and fragrance) through
Sep 30, 2008.
(SSS) Lee Murray
The Likeness Show
David Barry Tisch
The Little Trophy Queen
carries on-stage in a
gorgeous, flamingo-
pink satin ballgown.
True sophistication and
class are what this mother
nun continues to
demonstrate. It’s a true
act of love and devotion.
Every sense – every
sense – has been brought
to bear on her performance.
She looks gorgeous, and
has the poise and the
perfection that you

A recent study revealed a unique disadvantage among young professional women: They are more physically attractive than their male peers. Physically attractive men are more likely to find new, attractive women, according to researchers at the University of Kansas. “We found that, across cultures, young women are much more physically attractive than young men,” said Maria Ripley, assistant professor of human development at the University of Kansas, and lead author of the study. “The implication is that young men are paying a penalty for their physical attractiveness that could prove costly later in life.” What causes this difference in attractiveness? Ripley said it is not clear, but she speculated that women may have internalized early perceptions of physical attractiveness as being important.

| LIFEstyle News Monday, June 26, 2006 |

Wallpapers Part (273)

5,000 Social Media Tools You Can Use Today!

Internet-based social networking tools are currently available from a plethora of both privately and publicly held companies. AOL, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Lycos, Facebook, and microblogging sites Twitter and YouTube are a few examples of the multitude of tools to be found on the Internet today. One of the biggest social media outlets in the world is “LinkedIn” The company was launched in 2003 and is the industry’s leading online professional networking site. There are currently over 400,000 companies listed on LinkedIn and the site has almost half a million members. LinkedIn is also one of the largest suppliers of the majority of current used Web 2.0 tools. Most of these tools enable users to share data and information across the world with websites via the use of the program’s plug-ins. The big social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, are just beginning to develop interfaces to make it easier to use these tools with their websites.

| LIFEstyle News Monday, June 26, 2006 |

Wallpapers Part (272)

Sustainable Building Information Systems

As the sustainability field becomes increasingly dense, the need for a new kind of knowledge management system has emerged. In two of the world’s leading sustainable building information systems, documents and information systems are central. This article summarizes the similarities and differences of these two approaches.

| LIFEstyle News Monday, June 26, 2006 |

Wallpapers Part (271)

On a Visit to BHAG Builders

Why would a corporate-focused contractor bother with a private home builder? One answer is that this company

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