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Does the query that I want to make run faster?

This is my query:
SELECT d_date, count(*)
FROM attunement a
WHERE exists(SELECT * FROM utilisateur u WHERE > AND a.e_subscriture = ‘EN’)
GROUP BY d_date

I wanna count how many people (or how many unique people) are between every day of the week, but with those useless people that doesn’t exist in the database.
So for example my database is composed of two tables:


I have an ID from the attunement and I search every day of the week for that ID.
So I thought it was faster to make a query with the following request:
SELECT d_date, count(*)
FROM attunement a
WHERE exists(SELECT * FROM utilisateur u WHERE > AND a.e_subscriture = ‘EN’)
GROUP BY d_date

But it’s like twice slower with this new query, and I don’t understand why, because I thought it would be more efficient.


This will be faster:
SELECT d_date, COUNT(*)
FROM attunement a
FROM utilisateur u
WHERE > AND u.e_subscriture = ‘EN’)
GROUP BY d_date;

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Last month, the 12-person jury unanimously found that the cellphone manufacturer should have taken better precautions in assembling the phone, which sent the shards of the device through the air.

The ruling by the Manhattan Federal Court jury in Manhattan on Tuesday was far less than the $2.5 million in damages that the family had sought. But lawyers in the case said they would appeal the verdict and that the family’s life has been changed forever.

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“We are obviously disappointed. This was an extremely difficult case for the plaintiffs, for the family and for the defendants. We believe the plaintiffs had a little more than they could bear,” said Mark Spiegel, a lawyer for the family. “But we are certainly open to meaningful settlement and will certainly engage in that effort.”

The teen, known as plaintiff Tanisha Anderson, was crossing the southbound platform of the No. 4 train when she was hit at the 80th Street-Broadway station in October, 2012.

The jury also found that the fault lay with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., which made the screen on the phone, and with Apple, maker of the phone’s internal component.

In a separate lawsuit brought by Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, the jury in October found Apple should have known about the problem and failed to warn consumers. That verdict, which included $5.9-million in punitive damages, was later thrown out by a federal judge, who ruled that Apple’s conduct was not extreme and reckless enough to justify the huge punitive damages award.

When iPhones are dropped, the display can crack and the device can fall to the ground, putting the device in jeopardy of becoming damaged. On Tuesday, the jury ruled that Apple had a duty to protect its customers from the risk of damage to their iPhone 4s.

Apple has been battling a global recall and a class action lawsuit related to the



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