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the adsense popups cause the page to reload. the blank.jpg area in the middle of the screen stays, which is distracting.


This is a known bug in Internet Explorer: the new “right click to download (or save)” feature is causing Internet Explorer to not show the “save” button on these web pages. You can disable the right click to download feature in Internet Explorer and the “save” button should appear again.


How to get the last inserted id

I have the following code that works fine.
foreach($images as $id=>$value) {

$req = $this->conn->prepare(“INSERT INTO images (id_user, img_name, img_description, img_size, img_date, id_uploader) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?)”);


$req->execute(array($value->id_user, $value->img_name, $value->img_description, $value->img_size, $value->img_date, $value->id_uploader));

$id_inserted = $req->lastInsertId();

The problem is that I need the last inserted id of the images. I mean the id_user that is the one that inserts the information and not the id of the last row that was inserted. What do you think? I think that is simple but I am not very good with prepared statements.


A quick glance at the manual should tell you the answer.
$id_inserted = $req->lastInsertId();

lastInsertId is to be called only after a single INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement has been executed.
If you need to insert multiple records, I would strongly recommend avoiding using a prepared statement. See here for details.


How to get values of text box when it is created dynamically from ajax call

I am using following to get textbox value.
var tid = $(‘#ddlterm’).val();

However this value is not available. If I add value attribute then it works fine.


window key free

Exclude category and subcategory from query

I have a simple category/subcategory structure:
Category 1
-Subcat 1
-Subcat 2
Category 2
-Subcat 1
-Subcat 2
-Subcat 3

I need to run a query to get items in Category 1, so a simple WHERE category=1 is not sufficient as it includes Subcats as well.
I have also tried WHERE category = 1 AND subcat = 0 but that does not seem to work as it excludes the first subcategory.


You can use NOT EXISTS() like this:
SELECT * FROM categories
WHERE category = 1
SELECT 1 FROM subcategories
WHERE category = 1 AND subcategory = 1

Reference: SQL Fiddle

Bcl-2 antisense oligodeoxynucleotide increases apoptosis and up-regulates Bax expression in vivo in nude mice bearing human bladder cancer xenografts.
Bcl-2 is a potent endogenous inhibitor of apoptosis that plays an important role in the regulation of cell death. Bcl-2 and Bax are encoded by the same gene and are thought to function cooperatively in the regulation of cell survival. This study was designed to explore the effects of antisense Bcl-2 oligodeoxynucleotides (AS ODN) treatment on apoptosis and the expression of Bcl-2 and Bax in vivo. Nude mice bearing human bladder cancer xenografts were treated by intratumor injection of a biotinylated AS ODN of Bcl-2 or a control AS ODN. The effects of antisense treatment were analyzed by immunohistochemical staining, Western blot analysis, TUNEL staining, and apoptotic cell fraction. AS ODN treatment of human bladder carcinoma xenografts in nude mice results in enhanced cell apoptosis, as evidenced by increased caspase 3 activation and cytoplasmic condensation/fragmentation. Immunohistochemical staining showed that AS ODN treatment up-regulated Bax expression and down-regulated Bcl-2 expression in the treated tumors. This was confirmed by Western blot analysis. These results suggest that the use of AS ODN is a feasible approach for the treatment of human bladder


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