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JChordBox Activation Code For PC [Latest-2022]

JChordBox is a lightweight and easy to use application that you can use to create your own songs based on the chord progression and a music style.
The application can verify the consistency of a song, validate the XML song chors file and fix the tempo for the entire song. Built in Java, the application can run on multiple platforms.







JChordBox Crack [Latest] 2022

JChordBox is a lightweight application for creating your own songs with a guitar, piano and/or drum sounds. It can read chords and notes from an XML file and create a song on the fly.
Using chord box you can quickly create your own songs with a progressions of chords. The chord progression will be validated on the backend to ensure you have the correct chords and notes, before generating the song. There is also a tool to fix the tempo of the entire song, which if you do not do correctly it can make the song sound different compared to the backing audio.
JChordBox allows you to edit the songs created as well as create backing tracks, chords and other audio files in the same program. Once you are done you can use the exported song to create you own backing track or a cover version using the provided audio tracks.
Create your own songs and cover versions using chord boxes.
Automatic validation of your chord progression.
Fix the tempo of the entire song.
Backing tracks and chords in the same program
Export songs to see what you have created
Support for many music styles and song structures
Create your own Songs and Cover Versions
JChordBox features:
Three different instruments with drum sounds, chords and bass.
Basic midi commands to play midi chords.
Create guitar, bass and piano songs, and guitar, piano and drum songs.
Customize the chord box using hundreds of different chord boxes.
Select and modify the chords.
Shift the chords up and down.
Recreate chords from different chord boxes.
Automatic Chord or Word Placement, and Re-arrangement.
Chord progression + chord box layout and placement can be customized.
Create any chord progression based on the chords.
Create any chord progression based on a higher chord.
You can insert a new chord between two existing chords.
Insert a new chord to the end of a chord progression.
Edit notes of a chord or the chord box.
Edit notes in a progression.
Add voices to notes in a chord or progression.
Delete or keep the default chord boxes in a song.
Chord boxes can be split up into different instruments.
Supports chord boxes that have different numbers of voices.
Create chord progressions based on the order of the chord boxes.
Create chord boxes with custom chording patterns.
Change the order and pitch of the notes of the chords.

JChordBox Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free

*Create your own songs based on the chord progression and music style.
*Verify the consistency of a song.
*Validate the XML song chors file and fix the tempo.
*Built in Java, the application can run on multiple platforms.
*Play and record guitar, piano, bass, or drums.
*Upload songs to your Apple/iTunes account.
*Export songs in.mp3 format.
*Export chords as.txt and.pdf files.

✔ Over a thousand chord charts, all organized by chord in a chord-linked sequence, like “all chords in A minor, all chords in A major, and so on.”
✔ Easy to use chord book to review chords.
✔ Easy to search and find chords.
✔ Chords play in a sequence, much like piano sheets.
✔ Chords and lyrics display on screen as you’re playing.
✔ Drag the chord slider to the any of the chords, and all the notes appear automatically.
✔ Click to mute any of the notes.
✔ Click to mute any of the chords.
✔ Use a chord finder to go to a different chord.
✔ Automatically check the chord and note sequence.
✔.txt and.pdf files can be exported automatically with settings.
✔ Eliminate duplicates.

❑ 200 chord chart templates for easy creation.
❑ 200 templates for chord-progression chart generator, chord-sequencing chart generator, and chord-alt. generator.
❑ Chart editor to change chord, mata and tempo for each chart.
❑ Built-in manual-chord-play feature to play chord-sequences in quick succession.
❑ Built-in music-style generator to create a different musical style each time you play the song.
❑ Built-in metronome to play the song in time.
❑ Built-in speaker to test the quality of the generated song.
❑ Built-in high-quality recorder to save the generated song in high-quality format.
❑ Built-in chord-sequence generator to create a chord progression of 5 chords for each chord in the music style.
❑ Built-in chord-sequence editor to edit the chord progression.
❑ More than 100 different chord charts.
❑ Metronome to play the generated song in

JChordBox For Windows

JChordBox is a simple chord analysis tool you can use to find the chords in a song and it can also create a full song for you.
The chord analysis is supported for: Common, Major and Minor chords. You can use a midi file, which is either.mid,.rmi,.sam or.midi, to generate the chord sheets in the application. In the application, you can also choose to validate the song XML file and check its consistency. 


The application works well on most mobile devices, and it doesn’t require any special features. The application is a single-task java application with the size of around 240kB.

[Task List] *Chord analysis
*Song validation
*Generate a chord sheet of the song.
*Fix the incorrect tempo on the entire song.
*Create multiple songs by using the same song template file.

*Support different song styles and song formats


The application is written in Java, and it is developed in English.

[System Requirements] * Android:2.1 or later
* Device:.mid,.rmi,.sam or.midi


This application is v1.1.9.

[Demo video] [FAQ]

-How do I unzip the file?
Please follow the on-screen instructions.

-How long does it take to download?
It depends on the internet connection speed. It might take a long time to download.

-How do I play the midi files?
Please follow the on-screen instructions.

-Is the application free?
Yes, the application is free.

-Do I need a Java plug-in?
Yes, the application will not work without a Java plug-in.

-How do I install the application?
You can install it on any android devices that supports an app installer.

-How can I add more songs?
By following the instructions on the screen.

-Do I need an internet connection when I download a song?
Yes, when you download a song, you need to have an

What’s New In?

– Lightweight and easy to use
– Supports various song style
– You can easily create songs by attaching to an existing song of other style and chord progression
– You can automate the process of creating your song
– Built in the mobile devices
– Supports various music style

JChordBox Features:
– Create your own song easily by simply clicking the chord buttons
– You can add the chords and notes to your music
– You can save the work and song at any time and file it, and then you can use it as the reference
– You can create the song even if you don’t have the chords and notes for the song
– You can generate a song from a chord progression, a music style and an artist
– You can validate the consistency of a song, include the music style, chord progression and notes
– You can fix the tempo for the entire song
– You can export the song to multiple files and formats
– You can generate the lyrics for the song
– You can record the music and you can add new chords in the song
– You can change the color and font in the popup dialogs
– You can generate music notes based on the chord progressions, and you can validate the notes with the chords in the song
– You can record the song and you can easily add new chords in the song
– You can import the song and chords from other song
– You can import the song and chords with a slight modification
– You can create and save the song and chords file
– You can save the song and chords in the project
– You can save a modified song and chords with the new title
– You can export the song and chords to multiple formats, and you can add multiple folders to export the song.
– You can import the chords and notes in the song from the existing one
– You can change the note in the chord file and add an empty chord file
– You can add chords and notes with the chord and note array
– You can import the chords and notes in the song with multiple folders
– You can export the chords and notes to multiple formats

For more info, visit

JChordBox Screenshots

I tried installing the app and it was failing. It would show the overlay on the Play Store. Now it’s offline but I don’t know how to use it without

System Requirements For JChordBox:

Minimum requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: 1024 x 768, 16-bit graphics card with support for DirectX 9.0c (DX10 is recommended)
HDD: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Driver: For most games you can use the “Display Driver: Download” option under “Control Panel” -> “Add/Remove Programs” -> “Display Adapter”
Additional: Internet connection
Additional: Minimum Windows:


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