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Reads JSON files and generates JSON files from
a string. You can specify what field values are
optional, you can specify up to four levels of
depth and you can make sure the output is
suitable for import into a Unity3d project.


Javascript: Used to provide a rich and expressive API for OOP languages like C# and Java.
JSON: A file format based on JavaScript Object Notation, which is lightweight and is very compact.
JSON Editor: A utility for JSON files created with JSON editor and online JSON editors.
Import/export: Functionality for importing and exporting scripts or data to and from JSON files.
Unity: A popular cross-platform game engine.
Project: A project is a set of folders and files organized to perform a task. It is a very general term, it can mean an application, an engine or a game.
App Store: An app store is a website or online service where you can find and download apps for iOS and Android.
Integrate: To combine two pieces of software to work together. In our case, we combine one piece of software that exports JSON files from our Unity project to our Hitman editor and a file editor for JSON.
Make it compatible with Unity: We were originally using a custom JSON editor that is not compatible with Unity’s JSON Editor. We made it compatible with the Unity JSON Editor.
Complete the information: All of the screenshots are from the project’s GitHub page. If you want to see more screenshots and/or have a deeper explanation for anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide you with all the information you need.


-This project is not finished, but you can help us to improve it if you want to contribute.
-This project is mainly an educational project. If you use it in a professional environment, please do not ask us for support, as this is not the project’s purpose. We have been using it for our own educational needs.


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K-MACRO: This button will provide the user with the ability to configure the keys that will be activated as default when editing the video sequences. Since ASF files have very detailed header structures, these keys are necessary in order to be able to apply the needed changes to the files.

Full Description:

ASF Buffer Fix is a quick and efficient application that can be used to repair and correct the files contained in the ASF / WMV format. By repairing the video, the application will not only change the values contained in the file header and the frames within the video but will also remove extra videos that can be inserted in the sequence. The target of this application is to provide users with the chance to overcome the underlying causes of problems with such files.

· Repair: The repair process is carried out by replacing the values of the frames and/or the values contained in the file header. As a result, the repaired files will be identical to the original ones. In this sense, the application also includes the ability to remove extra videos that can be inserted in the sequence.

· Fix: The Fix process is carried out by disabling the insertion of extra videos in the sequence. In other words, when the video is being repaired, the extra video frames will be removed. The original video will remain untouched.

· Normal: This operation mode will apply the needed repair to the file, but it will not remove the extra videos. In order to do this, users will need to manually remove the videos by using the Windows Media Player.

· Merge: The Merge operation mode will carry out the same operation as the Normal operation mode, but it will also merge the normal video with the repaired one.

· Save: When selected, the Save operation will take place. This operation mode will create a new version of the video, with all of the changes that the user has applied to the original file. After the Save operation is complete, the application will prompt the user for the location where he would like to save the repaired video.

· Apply: In the Apply operation mode, users will be presented with the option to select the name of the repaired file. After the Apply operation has been performed, the application will start working on the video by applying all of the changes that the user has made to the file.

· Import: This operation mode will allow users to import a new file that was created by another application. In this case, the application will carry out the repair process

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