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One of the most popular sound-magnification applications for the Mac, KEYMACRO offers the user with a set of features that include the conversion of any audio files into their corresponding waveforms, the analysis and preview of frequency patterns, and the enhancement of any sound quality. Besides that, an analysis of frequencies and/or timbre is possible in order to achieve better system performance.
Pitch Graph Test is a program that could be useful if you are looking for a freeware tool that offers direct access to frequencies with minimal effort. However, before you decide to download and install the application, it is important to note that it is of no use if you are not familiar with the principles of frequency sensitivity testing. Furthermore, as you are going to be presented with four different sound grid types in the evaluation test, remember that the proper evaluation and interpretation of the results depends on the sound variety, the sound frequencies, and your ability to listen to and identify the differences between musical notes.
How the test actually plays out
At first, you are going to be asked to choose the type of sound grid that you are going to use for the test. In this regard, the application offers you with the following grids:
Basic – Wide pitch range that includes each tone across the span of the entire scale
Medium – Intermediate pitch range that shows two tones centered on the middle of the scale
Extreme – Wide pitch range that shows four tones centered on the middle of the scale
Pitch pattern grid – For users that have some familiarity with frequency testing, this grid provides a more accurate way of interpreting results. In this case, a continuous test for relative-pitch recognition. As such, this sound grid is very similar to the “duck-quack test” that psychologists use to assess the relative-pitch memory capabilities.
Pitch graph test-keycycle – For users that have some experience with frequency testing, this sound grid is similar to the “scale” grid, that focuses on the identification of the relative pitch, but shows a number of different scales for the evaluation of the differences between musical notes.
Pitch Graph Test for the evaluation of your current relative-pitch knowledge
During the evaluation test, the program will present you with four different tones and then show you the corresponding pitch graph. Based on your current knowledge and skill level, you will be asked to identify the notes that are being played. To do so, you will be asked to place a checkmark over the symbol that corresponds to the note that 84e02134c1

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Keyboard macro recorder and keystroke logger.
It takes a description of the keyboard sequence you want to execute.
To use it, you only need to set the macro speed (default: 1000), enter your description and press ‘Play’.
When you are recording a sequence, Keymacro will record all the necessary information.
That includes the name of the macro, the number of keys in the sequence and the name of the destination directory, the actual sequence and all the keystrokes that occurred.
You can then replay the macro, or export it as a file to your computer.
Make your own Keyboard macros without any programming skills.
Using a simple description of the sequence, you can create your own keyboard macros to automate anything on your computer!
After a successful purchase of Keyboard Macro Recorder, the following files will be downloaded:
+ – Macro Template
+ MacroName.txt – Macros Name
Keyboard Macro Recorder Features:
+ Macro Sequences – No programming skills required. Create your own keyboard macros.
+ Vibration – Quickly trigger macros with the built-in vibration mode.
+ Recording Mode – Stop a recording and resume it later.
+ Search Mode – Search for a macro by the name, number of keys, or pattern.
+ Export – Export your macros to an audio file.
+ Import – Import your audio file into Keyboard Macro Recorder.
+ Fastest / Slowest – Automatically choose the most appropriate speed for your keystrokes.
+ Search Filters – Easily search through all macros in your entire macro collection.
+ Real-time Editing – Easily edit existing macros or add new ones.
Keyboard Macro Recorder has the following features:
+ Simple Macro Description:
– 3/4″ Standard Menu – Press Alt to jump to the beginning of a macro, Tab to jump to the end of a macro, Space to pause a recording.
– Optional Macro Name
– Include or Exclude Keystrokes
– Add a note at the beginning or the end of a macro.
– Clear Macro Name
– Clear Macro Description
– Toggle Macro Details in the Macro Name and Description boxes
– Clear Macro Settings
– Clear Macro Triggers
+ Vibration:
– Toggle between On and Off.
– If enabled, it will vibrate when a macro starts or ends.
+ Export:


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