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Show the thermophysical properties of a solid or gas.
The user can specify the user parameters and thermal history.
The program is supported in the command line and also in the main window
In our previous video about the Dilatacao Linear you can see more details.
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Physical Chemistry Experiment

This playlist is created for educator who would like to use the fun and chemistry games that are available on YouTube to enhance their students’ learning and to create cross curricular links.
Feel free to use to!

published: 15 Sep 2012

Crystallization of Water Ice (Solid)

This is a solidification of water ice. I show one method that actually produces ice that is softer but can be broken up.

The Sub-Ponic Geothermal System™ harnesses solar energy by using Earth’s temperature difference and the latent heat of sublimation to produce electricity on the spot. I’ll show how this works and why it is a super-efficient, super-affordable renewable energy system.
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Dilatacao Linear is a handy application that intends to simulate a physics experiment on your desktop. It allows you to view the effect of the temperature increase on a solid object by watching the thermal linear expansion.
In order to run the experiment you need to follows the instructions from the main menu and turn on the electric heater. The user can also change the current that powers the heater in order to reach maximum power in less time 384a16bd22

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This application will help you


It is simply a macro for OS X, and by extension iChat (which is for the Mac). It can also be run on Windows (for that you’ll have to download “relay2me”) but it’s not very useful outside of that platform.
You can use it for sending links to people or very short messages.


If you are willing to pay, I would recommend using Slack or Basecamp, both of which are platforms that are geared towards working with a group of people.
Slack is a web-based, web-hosted service and Basecamp is a web-based application. The concept is that you can sign-up for a free account and invite your co-workers. Once you have signed-up, you can create your own channels, or people you wish to invite, as well as create your own work groups. You then get your own channel where people in your organization can comment, chat, etc. I have not used either, but they both seem to be fairly popular and googling them should give you more information.

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