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Page Speed Tester is a compact tool that may come in handy for Website owners that need to keep an eye on the speed in which their content is being circulated.
The app’s sole purpose is to calculate the download speed for the target page and offer feedback about the estimated average values. For somehow accurate test results the number of loads has to start from three so average values can be reached. The maximum number of loads is not implied, but two or three digits can be used, for more accurate predictions.
The interface sports two main panes, and several smaller fields for URL input and speed times display. The first pane is loading the front page code only, as the content would be too much to handle if tens or hundreds or loads were to be selected.
Regarding the results, the speed values are shown under two different forms
  the actual time in milliseconds (ms) and in bytes. There is also a third measurement, the BpS (bytes per second) which kind of combines the first two.
In conclusion, Page Speed tester could be a useful tool for users that own or manage website and need to test the average download speeds from their pages. The overall process is simple enough so that anybody can master it in a couple of minutes.


For a fast pace life

A multifunctional tool for all kind of webmasters. A few seconds to check the statistics, a few seconds to calculate the exact download speed, a few seconds to download the file and copy the results.


Check your Website speed on one spot. On Cloud Technology

The tool is in the Cloud and may be run from the Cloud or from your computer. Just type in the URL in the box on the top right corner and you’re good to go.


Make your Website more attractive

The app uses AJAX to provide you with a more attractive Website.


Monetize your Website

The app allows you to know how many visitors are accessing your Website and it will automatically copy the information to any Page.


Generate Analytic Keys to gather data

The tool generates an unique analytic code which you can use on your website to gather information about your visitors.


Find what you’re looking for

The app has an intuitive search function that 84e02134c1

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The KEYMACRO application is a simple yet effective utility designed to assist Macintosh users with opening and saving their preferred files. It is quick and easy to use, yet offers much more functionality than the most basic text editor.
KEYMACRO has a simple, minimalist interface, with a dock icon, a workspace area, a command line, and a few floating toolbars. It’s main window is split down the middle, with the left side containing the command line and the right side containing the workspace.
The command line is used for entering the name of the file or folder to open. For example, entering ‘/User/Desktop/Weekly Report’ would open the file named Weekly Report.txt in the workspace area, which is situated at the top of the window. If you were to click on this workspace, the window would show the contents of the file.
The right side of the main window contains a workspace area, which is where all of the operation are performed. From the workspace, you can choose to:
– Create new files and folders
– Open existing files and folders
– View file contents
– Search files and folders
– Add the contents of files to a new text document
– Create new email messages
– Create new appointments in the calendar
– Search the Internet for information
– Search through your Photo Library
– Play a movie in Quicktime
– Open an application
– Copy an item to the clipboard
– Move an item
– Paste an item
– Scan a document
– Organize files into different folders
– Schedule items on your calendar
– Print your files
– Print pages
– Create a Live Webcam snapshot
– Zip and unzip files
– Read files on a disk
– Read from a disk
– Arrange items in the work area
– Add an item to a folder
– Change the appearance of the window
– Find and replace strings
– Save a file
– Change the work area’s appearance
– Select or deselect items
– Perform a find/replace
– Copy the contents of a file to the clipboard
– Move an item to a folder
– Add a folder to the work area
– Open a folder
– Create a link to a file
– Close a folder
– Create a shortcut
– Open a network file
– Delete a file
– Display the file’s properties
– File info
– Properties info
– Search for a file
– Print a file
– Change the size of

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