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Ultimate Music Tagger is a small software application designed to help you organize your music library by tagging audio files and renaming them with the aid of preset patterns.
It proves to be particularly useful especially if you have a large music collection which includes missing information about artist, album, title, or other details, as the tool grabs data about tracks from online sources, such as or MusicBrainz database.
Clean feature lineup
The well-organized set of features makes the entire process seem nothing but a child’s play. Plus, the multi-tabbed interface helps you switch between the Tag and Rename panel with minimal effort.
You can specify the saving directory that contains your music library and apply filters by file extension. It automatically processes the audio files and displays them in the primary panel.
Tagging capabilities
Ultimate Music Tagger gives you the possibility to select the online source from where the program grabs data about your songs and provide details about the track, artist, and album.
It offers support for several tagging modes which are built specifically for helping you tag files according to the order of the selected track list or tag the selected items by matching the name or number that is displayed near the filename (if it exists).
You can tag your audio files by adding information about track (title, number, artist, genre) and album (album, artist, and year). Additionally, the tool is able to download cover images from the Internet, which can be exported to JPG, BMP, or GIF file format, and you can manually upload a picture from your computer (e.g. JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG).
Renaming options
The utility allows you to rename files and folders according with several preset patterns or create your custom file naming rule. Last but not least, you can make use of command-line parameters, configure proxy settings, refresh the information with just one click, and lock the panel where the tagged data is displayed so you cannot accidentally alter the details.
Bottom line
All in all, Ultimate Music Tagger combines ease of use with several handy features for helping you tag audio files, and rename items and directories.

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There are 2 main parts to any Blackmagic DeckLink SDK application:
The first is the primary programming language: C++.
The second is the actual DeckLink SDK itself.
The primary language – C++
At its very core, C++ is a C-based language with syntax very similar to C. C++ provides classes, structures, and functions with which the programmer can write code for his or her application.
C++ is an object-oriented language. This means that you use a class structure to represent any object you wish to create, such as a camera or any other custom objects. Each class contains a set of member functions that can be executed on that object. This means that, although a card is defined as a class, all of its functions and functionality are contained within that class.
Other aspects of C++
C++ is also a multi-paradigm language. That means that it provides more than one method of solving a problem.
First, C++ provides a basic type system, which means that you must declare the types of all variables used in your code. This will enable the compiler to catch any type errors, such as attempting to use an integer value as a character.
Second, C++ provides constructs like classes, structures, and functions. These are useful for modeling your objects, your problems, and your solutions.
Some C++ constructs
First, C++ provides a basic type system. It is important that you declare the types of all variables used in your code.
You can do this in two ways:
Automatically with C++. You specify the type of your variable at the top of your code. For example:
char c = ‘c’;
int n = 5;

Or explicitly by including the type in the declaration. For example:
char c;
int n = 5;

Second, C++ provides constructs like classes, structures, and functions. These are useful for modeling your objects, your problems, and your solutions.
Third, C++ provides a set of operators for defining the order of arithmetic. The basic operators are +, -, and * and for unary operators,!.
The most important of these are:
+ – *!
For the most part, this is all you will need to know about C++. However, there is one important aspect of C++ that will be extremely helpful in the later sections of this book.
C++ supports function overloading
Function overloading

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