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m_header_width(int hw) Header width.
m_header_height(int hh) Header height.
m_width(int w) Width of image.
m_height(int h) Height of image.
m_load_image_from_file(char *fname) Load image from a filename.
m_load_image_from_stream(char *stream) Load image from a stream.
m_load_image_from_memory(char *mem, int len) Load image from memory.
m_load_image_from_memory_stream(char *mem, char *stream) Load image from memory.
m_load_image_from_file_stream(char *fname, char *stream) Load image from a filename and stream.
m_load_image_from_memory_stream(char *mem, char *stream) Load image from memory and stream.
m_load_image_from_png_stream(char *fname, char *png_file) Load image from a PNG file and stream.
m_load_image_from_dib_stream(char *fname, char *dib_file) Load image from a DIB file and stream.
m_load_image_from_dds_stream(char *fname, char *dds_file) Load image from a DDS file and stream.
m_load_image_from_exr_stream(char *fname, char *exr_file) Load image from an EXR file and stream.
m_load_image_from_hdr_stream(char *fname, char *hdr_file) Load image from a HDR file and stream.
m_load_image_from_ico_stream(char *fname, char *ico_file) Load image from a ICO file and stream.
m_load_image_from_jp2_stream(char *fname, char *jp2_file) Load image from a JP2 file and stream.
m_load_image_from_mng_stream(char *fname, char *mng_file) Load image from a MNG file and stream.
m_load_image_from_pcd_stream(char *fname, char *pcd_file) Load image from a PCD 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is an add-in that is used to enhance the usability and visual appeal of MS Excel.
The KeyMacro is an add-in that contains a number of pre-defined keyboard shortcuts.
It also contains 3 combo-boxes that allow you to save, reset, and open the KeyMacro at any time.
You can use KeyMacro to save yourself from creating a huge number of keyboard shortcuts by just setting the ones you want to use as default.
The KeyMacro also allows you to bind macros to any of the MS Excel keys like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X etc., thereby saving you from having to choose a combination of keys to use a macro.
To start working with this add-in, you will need to activate the Microsoft Add-ins from the Excel Ribbon.
You can use the Add-in Wizard to activate the KeyMacro for you or you can follow the steps given below to activate it manually:
Select the Excel File and press the Ctrl+R keys on your keyboard to open the Excel Options dialog box.
Click the General tab and select the Enable this add-in check box.
Click OK to close the dialog box.
Now you need to insert the KeyMacro from the Add-ins tab to insert the KeyMacro.
The KeyMacro can be used to insert macros at any location in an Excel sheet by selecting the macro name from the KeyMacro combo-box.
To open the KeyMacro at any time, you can use the Open KeyMacro dialog box.
To start working with the KeyMacro, open the Excel File, insert the KeyMacro, and select any location in the Excel File where the KeyMacro can be inserted.
You can use any of the options in the KeyMacro dialog box to change the look and feel of the KeyMacro.
A variety of options are available in the KeyMacro dialog box.
You can use these options to change the colors, fonts, borders, background, etc., of the KeyMacro.
You can also modify the options according to your needs.
You can use the following options to modify the KeyMacro:
Key Macro Name (default name): Change the name of the macro that will be used to create KeyMacro.
Key Macro Name (Generated): Change the generated name of the macro.
Key Macro Name (User Defined): Change the user defined name of the macro.—Fakty-i-Mity.html


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