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MACRO helps you to control your PC with a software that has been designed to enhance the capabilities of a computer. Macro provides you with the ability to make any desired change to your operating system settings, access your file system, change the settings of your applications, uninstall programs, open files and more. With KeyMACRO you can, for instance: – Perform batch renaming. When a file is selected, the software renames all the other files that are in the same folder. – Change the name of your disk drives. You can change the names of the disks you have connected to your PC with the software. – Change the name of your Windows folders. You can change the name of the Windows folders or subfolders that have been created on your computer. – Create shortcuts to any of the items on your desktop. – Run any of your most commonly used programs automatically at a certain time of the day. – Create batch files to organize your PC’s files. You can even use these batch files to control your Windows system. – Manipulate the settings of your PC and applications. With the software you can change your PC’s settings, open files, run programs and more. Moreover, you can even start an application, but you can also add items to the Windows Start menu. – Perform file searches, such as finding a document, contact, or website. – Change the names of the icons on your desktop and on your Start menu. – Delete files. – Open folders, view your folders, and create subfolders. – Set the program’s default settings. – Perform a system check. – Change your computer’s hardware components. – Change the time, date, and date format. – Delete a file or folder. – Export your PC’s registry. – Perform a virus check. – Create task lists, schedule applications, and make backups. The software can be used on any Windows PC, but it is especially convenient to use it on the laptops of those who need to work while they are on the road. KeyMACRO was developed to be a useful, easy to use and affordable software. KeyMACRO is available in 9 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Czech and Russian. If you do not know your computer’s language, the software allows you to change your language settings. KeyMACRO is a freeware program, which means you can use it free of charge.

After a few days of coding, the designer of the software got the new version ready 84e02134c1

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– Easy to use
– Make a powerful query
– Organize your mail
– Work on several mail accounts
– Beautiful graphic interface
– Work with Microsoft Outlook
Known bugs :
No bugs in this version but I have found that the application is slow to open the account management.

OlivaMail é um email client simples de usar que irá permitir que você organiza seu email da maneira que você quiser.
Uma característica interessante que este aplicativo tem é que permite criar uma consulta SQL para uma melhor gestão de email.
Atualização MACRO Descrição:
– Conveniente de usar
– Permite que você crie uma consulta
– Organize seu email
– Trabalhe em vários emails
– Interface gráfica bonita
– Trabalhar com o Outlook
Falhas :
Nenhum bug neste versão mas eu descobri que o aplicativo é lento em abrir a gestão de email.

OlivaMail es un email client simple de usar que le permitirá organizar sus correos de la manera que le plazca.
Una característica interesante que este aplicativo tiene es que permite crear una consulta SQL para una mejor gestión de correos.
Actualización MACRO Descripción:
– Conveniente de usar
– Permite que cree una consulta
– Organiza su correo
– Trabajar en varios correos
– Interfaz gráfica bonita
– Trabajar con Outlook
Fallas :
Ningún bug en esta versión pero he encontrado que la aplicación es lenta en abrir la gestión de correos.

OlivaMail ist ein einfacher E-Mail-Client, der es Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihren E-Mails bei Ihnen organisieren.
Ein interessantes Feature, das

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