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Escultor is an extremely lightweight 3D model and animation creator. The application also features an easy to use graphical interface.


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Escultor is also the first 3D graphic model creation software to include an animation collection with a library of brilliant, incredible and epic animations. Escultor will allow you to create your own animations using individual frames, or groups of frames, or even entire animation sequences, in wonderful quality.

This is the time to embrace being a creative.

Let the change begin.

Who are we?

Since 2006 we have been offering the best 3D model making and animation software available on the internet to artists worldwide. We love what we do and we hope to inspire you to create your own amazing works of art with our award-winning Escultor!If the US Supreme Court upholds California’s state-wide ban on cryptocurrency regulation, the result could be a dramatic shift in the American legal landscape.

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Escultor Keygen Free Download For Windows

ESculptor is the perfect tool for quickly creating custom 3D models and animations. It allows users to sculpt and animate 2D objects with ease and speed.
Simple intuitive interface allows for a simple and fun workflow.
Some advanced settings:
Custom material options
Every object in the workspace can be assigned a custom material, without this feature you are limited to the standard choices.
Physical properties:
A series of physics features make it easy to create “realistic” character behavior.
Easy animation:
With a plethora of quick animation effects, you can create up to 30 animations at the same time with a single keyframe.
Export to:
For the most advanced user, any object you create can be exported to one of a number of other 3D file formats.

You can create and edit awesome 3D files in a matter of minutes. Just use Escultor and you can create models in a few simple steps. Simply put Escultor is a really awesome tool for creating 3D models.
ESculptor is a 3D model and animation creator which allows you to create awesome 3D models in 3 simple steps. Just create the model then import it to the viewer. You can also create a whole array of animations by modifying the model from the 3D view.
ESculptor Features:
ESculptor is a fast, efficient and fun to use 3D model creator. It is a downloadable tool so you don’t need any registration.
Simple user interface:
ESculptor is very easy to use. Just go to the new page and start sculpting your model!
Fast workflow:
ESculptor is designed to create 3D models quickly. Models can be created from a single or multiple 2D pictures.
A wide array of options:
ESculptor is packed full of options for creating the best possible 3D models. For example you can use the Spline tool to create smooth surfaces, easy materials and smoothed materials.
3D View:
ESculptor has a full 3D view for adding detail to models.
Create and edit animations:
ESculptor has an easy to use interface for creating animations. Just click the create animation option and create a animation with 2 or more key frames.
Export to:
Export your models to lots of different formats.

Escultor (Latest)

This is the latest version of my 3D Modeling and Animation application called Escultor.
Escultor Features
– The most unique and easiest to use 3D Modeling and Animation application on the market today.
– You no longer need to purchase expensive 3D packages from your computer software store.
– Escultor comes complete with everything you need to create a fully working model.
– Model and animate 3D characters, billboards, structures and much more.
– Paint on models with ease using the world-class painting system.
– Create a fully functional game using the integrated game engine.
– Very easy to use user interface.
– Preview the model in real time as you work on it.
– Escultor’s modeling system will keep track of the geometry of the model, the bones and poses of the model while you work.
– Create designs with ease using the powerful brushes system.
– Create animations using the integrated animation tool, with a wide range of tools to help you animate the model.
– Create and animate dynamic characters including lip sync animation.
– Integrated Model viewer, with 3D rotation and zoom.
– Integrates with Maximillion InTheAges 3D
– 3D Modeling and animation software that is created for you at no charge.
– The most comprehensive 3D modeling and animation application.
– Unlimited download and no size limit.
– Works on both Windows and Mac.
– Works with all Windows and Mac version 3D packages.
– Free updates for life.
– Easy to use graphics interface.
– Supports all major file formats including FBX and MD2.
– The best value for your money!
– “Escultor” means “To Pencil” in Spanish.
– Buy it today and start playing today.A growth-rate-independent parameter for analysis of crown root formation in Lotus corniculatus L.
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What’s New in the Escultor?

Escultor is a professional 3D modeling and animation software which is available in two versions:
Escultor Free – No advertising.
Escultor Premium – No advertising plus all of Escultor’s features are enabled.
Escultor is designed to provide the easiest 3D model and animation creation experience for beginners and professionals.
Escultor comes with a unique set of features that make it easier than ever to create an animation.
Optimized for use with Windows 7.
Expensive features.
No advertising.
No watermarks on exported files.
No upgrades.
Automatic update feature.
Standard Windows software updates do not affect the usability of Escultor.
Escultor is also well suited for professional designers and animators. However, Escultor has been designed to be as easy as possible to use.Q:

How to sort image list in Flex?

I want to sort my images in Flex when i drag them. I’ve tried to apply a drag handler to my image list component and then it display the images correctly.
The problem is when i press on Up or Down button, it doesn’t sort the images. This is my code for the drag handler.
private function sortImageList(ev:MouseEvent):void {
var cursor:String = ev.currentTarget.currentStyle.cursor;
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cursor = “url(””0″)”;
imageList.setStyle(“cursor”, cursor);
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System Requirements For Escultor:

Note: The PS4 or Xbox One version will be available on November 9th for 810 Microsoft Points. A PlayStation version will follow in 2016
System: Sony PlayStation 4
Processor: Intel i5
Memory: 8GB
Graphics: Intel HD4000
Resolution: 720p
Network: Broadband Internet connection
A BIG Thank You to everyone who is supporting us as we venture through our Kickstarter campaign. We are currently within 4 hours of our $40,000 goal and are in need of some extra money to pay the


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