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How can I do this?
Only link to pages which inherit the page’s ‘delete’ permission.

As the title says, the post deleted by the page admin directly and no redirecting to other pages. I want to prevent it.
Is there any way to do it?
edit : It doesn’t matter by a switch to another user, even administrator.

The module places the delete link to the post/page in the navbar, but i’d like to keep the delete link only in the top.
The code for the delete link:
echo $this->Html::deleteButton(‘Delete’, array(‘class’=>’top-delete’, ‘name’=>’deletePost’, ‘id’=>’deletePost’));

Thanks in advance.


The solution I’ve found to work for me is to use two slightly different modules.

DynaDelete – The DNN Module to delete something
DynaLink – The DNN Module to create links

Then, in the dynamic link module, I’ve created two sets of links
# set up for deleted items

# set up for regular items

Then, in the navigation bar, I use the second list and manually add items which should be deleted
This way, deleted items retain the class “top-delete” and regular items stay orange.


How to group same Day and Month and year combinations as a single array in java using string input

I have a string input which has possible Day/Month/Year combinations as follows
If the Input is like this: 01/02/2011 then
output would be:
Array (
[0] = 1/2/2011
[1] = 2/1/2011

How can I group the same Day and Month as array index and same Year as an array value as shown above?
This is what I have tried but not sure if it’s correct:
public static void parseDate(String input) {
input = input.trim();
String[] dates = new String[2];
if (input.length() > 3) {

DynaLinks (LifeTime) Activation Code

Dynamic Hyperlinks Dynalinks is a module for the dotNetNuke framework, allowing the provisioning, definition, and customization of hyperlinks to any web page within a Web site.
Dynamic Hyperlinks DynaLinks Description:
Dynamically create hyperlinks to any dynamic web page or a static page.
Customizable interface.
Localization (six languages supported).
Support for IPortable and IUpgradable interfaces.
DynaLinks Installation:
Installing DynaLinks will add the module and its dependencies to the Pages menu. In addition to the new menu entry, it will also be added to the ‘Hyperlinks’ page of the site admin.
DynaLinks Component Selection:
The component selection screen will show the various options available for creating links. Each link is created from a separate.NET class file. The two main links are the ‘Get Item’ and ‘Post Item’ classes which can be used to get or post any content to any page.
DynaLinks Modules:
Currently, there is only one module available, the ‘DynaLinks’ module.Q:

Irreducible linear representation in $\mathbb{Q}$

I am stuck in a problem about irreducible $\mathbb{Q}$ linear representation.

Show that $S^{2\dim V_\lambda}$ for some $\lambda \in \mathbb{C}^*$.

I was thinking about it and after, I found $S^{2\dim V_\lambda}$ and $S^{ -2\dim V_\lambda}$, but I couldn’t figure it out. The number of summands in the product form:

$\dim V_\lambda \dim V_\lambda=\dim V_\lambda^2$

The $\mathbb{Q}$ linear representation theory is less studied for groups other than $GL_n(\mathbb{C})$.


In general, if $K\subseteq L$ are $\mathbb{Q}$-linear subspaces of a vector space $V$ with $K=L$, then $S^K=S^L$. In this case, $S^{\mathbb{Q}\dim V}=S^{2\dim V}$, so we can assume that $\dim V=1$.
The solution then comes from considering the

DynaLinks Download

DynaLinks is a hyperlinks management module for the DotNetNuke Content Management System (DNN CMS). It allows you to create a dynamic set of hyperlinks and it is theme and module-based. You can have several sets of hyperlinks, with each set being available within a content pane on your DotNetNuke portal. The hyperlinks can be styled to match the actual web page theme. You can also have multiple sets of hyperlinks available on a single web page. The click events of the hyperlinks are intercepted by the module and you can do whatever you like.
* More than one set of hyperlinks per DNN web page
* Automatically inherits the hyperlinks from one set to the next within the same web page
* Dynamically creates the links
* Supported themes: Twenty Eleven, Rio, JavaPortable
* Supports two version of the HREF= attribute
* Supports both Internal and External hyperlinks
* User-defined icon images, stylesheet and description
* Launch the hyperlinks within the same browser window and/or in a new browser window
* Supports IPortable and IUpgradable interfaces


DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0

DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


Statistics:70 0


DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


Statistics:50 0


DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


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DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


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DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


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DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


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DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


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DNN JQuery MSSQL 8.0


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What’s New in the?

Provides a flexible means of building a hyperlink set for any DotNetNuke web page. Modules are very easy to add to DotNetNuke. Once the set is created, it can be referenced for any page in the portal. Changes to the referenced modules are automatically inherited by any other module in the portal referencing that set.
DynaLinks is a DotNetNuke module that will save you many hours of work building hyperlinks. DynaLinks features are:
– Includes a customizable css style sheet
– Supports hyperlinks to internal pages and internal files
– Internationalizable and Upgradable
– Support for localization
– Launch in the current browser window or in a new browser window

What’s new in this version:

The module now supports even more of the latest releases! Version 1.00.000000.058 fixes several bugs, including a text bug that sometimes made the page text unreadable, and a css bug that was causing the CSS style sheet to not load correctly when embedded within the dnn_portal_simple_pages_head.tpl file.// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// +build aix darwin dragonfly freebsd linux netbsd openbsd solaris windows

package nettest

import (

func maxOpenFiles() int {
var max int
if runtime.GOOS == “openbsd” {
// 64-bit OpenBSD distributes maxopenfiles among multiple
// file descriptors and doesn’t seem to rely on /proc/sys/
max = 64
} else {
max = 128
return max

func supportsRawIPSocket() (string, bool) {
// From
// Windows Vista:
// If the protocol is either “IPv6” or “IPv4”, then the kernel may
// assign multiple PIDs to a datagram

System Requirements For DynaLinks:

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
RAM: 512 MB (2GB or more recommended)
Video Card: nVidia or AMD with support of OpenGL 2.0
Sound Card: Compatible with latest sound systems
©2004-2019 Metal Gear Online & KONAMI All Rights Reserved.
©Konami Digital Entertainment. All rights reserved. Metal Gear Online is a trademark of Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
©2020 VALVe LLC. All rights reserved.


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