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OpenGL Extension Viewer is an application that lets you quickly display information about your current OpenGL implementation.
When you start this tool, you’ll see a window with your OpenGL version, your renderer version and driver version, and a list of your current extensions.
This is the basic information, and the most important one you’ll need. The remaining sections show you even more information about each extension.
By default, the program uses a predefined color depth for the drawing buffer and a predefined mipmap level for the texture.
What’s more, you can choose to use a higher screen resolution for your screen. Also, you can test your renderer by using different rendering modes.
An example of a typical output looks as follows:
This is the basic information provided by OpenGL Extension Viewer. The remaining sections show you more information.
Supported OpenGL Versions:
OpenGL Extension Viewer is tested with the OpenGL versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.6, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.
Required Software:
Required software is installed, but not tested.
Minimum Specifications:
Minimum requirements are a Pentium M processor, 1GB of RAM and a Windows 7 compatible system.

How to display information about the current OpenGL version of my GPU.
How to find out information about the currently active OpenGL extensions?


Tried with gDEBugger as suggested by @JaGnE and that worked.
Downloaded the gDEBugger from the application website.
It shows some more details about my GPU than the one in the glxinfo results.
When I am trying to run some scientific software and getting the error message “Sorry, application has failed to start because of an error in the OpenGL library”, I will be also checking the details.

The Way the Angels Swim

The Way the Angels Swim is a science fiction novel by American author K. A. Applegate, published in 2007. It is her second novel featuring the character of Emily Snow.

Plot summary

Snow has returned to the small coastal community of Mary’s Point and is taking a job as a waitress in the Gas N Go convenience store. She meets a young man, Ian, who is working for the Conch Republic in the deep seabed, eea19f52d2

The [b2] Notifier was designed to be an animated Gmail notifier. It’s based on Adobe AIR technology – with cool animations that will notify you about new email messages.
These animations (which you can change depending on your liking) appear when you receive new emails in your inbox. The software is designed to be easy to understand, and use.
[b2] Notifier (formerly [b2] Gmail Notifier) Review:

* Only desktop applications available (phone/tablet only)
* Based on the open source application of the same name
* Notifies you about new emails in the inbox
* Allows you to change the style of the notifications
* Fully customizable
* Shows the time and date of the incoming email
* Has a great set of features, but not “magical”

Software publishers based in the United States have been required to pay a portion of their European sales in the European Union since 1995. This system was first introduced after the United States had adopted “country-of-origin” rules in the US, requiring that any US manufacturers that chose to ship products to the European Union pay a certain amount in duty before the products were shipped to the EU.

After an EU-wide investigation into the legal nature of the EU’s “zero-rate” system revealed that its legality could be called into question, the EU Customs Commission introduced a temporary EU wide suspension of the “zero-rate” tax system in July 1996. The system was once again put in place in January 1997.

Many traders and consumers expressed surprise that Microsoft Office 2007 could be used in this manner, as the company has not yet offered EU users the ability to download the software from the Internet. The EU originally placed restrictions on the export of commercial software (such as Office 2007) from the United States in 1992. However, the size of the import market and the risk that office software could potentially be used for counterfeiting led the EU to loosen its rules.

On January 11, 2006, the EU introduced a number of rules concerning the EU-US free trade agreement. The agreement gives the EU the right to make exceptions for certain “sensitive” goods which are defined as being of a political or legal nature. This exemption (Section VIII) allows the EU to place restrictions on the import of US office software. The “zero-rate” system, which allows the import of US office software at a reduced tax rate


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