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The memory pool implementation has been substantially rewritten from the ground up. All of the previous mempool implementation has been deprecated.
All of the memory pool classes are optional, so you can decide what to use based on your own needs.
Crates, hashsets, stack, and queues have been merged into one simple structure that can be instantiated with a single call.

Crates: create a crates instance, which you can use to manage data structures.
Hashesets: create a hasheset instance, which you can use to manage data structures.
Stack: create a stack instance, which you can use to manage data structures.
Queues: create a queues instance, which you can use to manage data structures.

DARK GOLD Description:

The mempool classes are all optional: they may or may not be implemented by your program.
The mempool structure is constructed to avoid a bunch of problem with current memory pools: it is more reliable, it is a single allocation call, and it is thread-safe.
There is no malloc/free, and there is no garbage collection. The data structures are auto-destructed when they are no longer needed.
The classes may be customized through template arguments.

RUBY Description:

The mempool classes have been implemented.
The implementation is similar to the Dark Gold version: it has been rewritten from the ground up, and the classes are optional.
There is no memory allocation, and no garbage collection.


This is not a direct answer, but a complete round up, that summarizes the different implementations of memory pools:
The different proposals:

Doom Pool (Daniel Leuck) – A very simple memory pool implementation, that is very fast, but it is not thread-safe.
FastMempool (S.C. Giddins) – Another memory pool implementation, that is more efficient than Doom, but it is not thread-safe.
Stonehenge (Brian Aker) – A memory pool implementation with a pool of pools, that works as expected.

Possible improvements:

LazyMemPool (S.C. Giddins) – A memory pool implementation with a pool of pools, that uses the memory pool of pools to avoid repeated memory allocations.
LinkedMemPool (S.C. Giddins) – A memory pool implementation with a pool of pools, that is thread- 384a16bd22

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WebShot is an Electron-based application that enables you to take screenshots of multiple websites from a list of URLs. It is easy to use, but it is not capable of capturing full page screenshots.

Take snapshots of multiple web pages

Before anything else, it is worth noting that you need to create a list of URLs and save it to a TXT or CSV document. Each link should be on a new line, with no other characters to separate them.

Once you’ve loaded the list, the application allows you to specify where the screenshots should be saved. Additionally, you can set the preferred dimensions of the images in pixels.

Works well enough, but cannot capture full page screenshots

When everything has been configured, just click Continue and let the program do its thing. The screenshots should be captured fairly quickly, though a long list will obviously take quite a bit of time to process.

Unfortunately, the application can only capture content displayed in the browser window initially, as it cannot “scroll down” in order to include everything on the page. Since most programs of its type offer this feature, we hope it will be included in the future.

Handy website screenshot capture utility that still needs some work

All in all, WebShot is an intuitive alternative to more complex applications of this type, and it is open-source to boot. However, it cannot capture full page screenshots, a feature that any web page capture tool should not lack.

Currently, this site is chock-full of HTML errors which are slowing down the load time. Please do consider making those fixes or at least clearing your cache. Thank you!

Every so often we get an email or an IM that asks if I can solve some specific error. These emails usually are not spam and the contact is usually not trying to sell you a product.

Often enough, I can offer a solution without even needing to look at the issue. Other times, I’ll start with a quick “what’s the issue?” or a “what browser are you using?”, and if the issue is specific enough, I’ll see if I can help.

Why is this post still up? The question that remains is why do people think I can help?

I’m just a guy who programs. I can’t help people if they don’t supply me with the information I need.


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