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MACRO_KEY=”WORD_OR_SYSTEM_NAME” (taken from system name)
MACRO_VALUE=”System name of the farm” (this is the farm name)
The page does not require you to open and download the list of WMI queries in SharePoint as it already has a link to the same page in the UI. This page is mostly useful for getting the correlation ids of SharePoint servers for the purpose of reporting.

Here is the link to the page:

Here are the screenshots from the UI:


I use a simple script (download from my blog) that I run every night at 1am:
Get-SPSite “”
Get-SPSite “” -Limit All

select-object -filter {$_.URL -like “*application management*” } |
ft -asn

#!/usr/bin/env python

Copyright (c) 2006-2018 sqlmap developers (
See the file ‘LICENSE’ for copying permission

import sys
import time
import json

from lib.core.common import singleTimeWarnMessage
from lib.core.common import unArrayizeValue
from lib.core.common import unArrayizeValue
from lib.core.common import zeroOrMore
from lib.core.enums import DBMS
from lib.core.enums import PRIORITY

__priority__ = PRIORITY.HIGH

def dependencies():
singleTimeWarnMessage(“tamper script ‘%s’ is only meant to be run against %s” % (sys.argv[0], DBMS.MSSQL))

def tamper(payload, **kwargs):
Encode, decrypt, and change sqlmap variables to match asm ones.

* modify, add or remove a variable in the payload

kwargs: 70238732e0

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K-macro is a comprehensive label writing software program for use by graphic designers and barcode developers. Using K-macro you can create and design labels by using templates. We have a large library of images to create labels with. Most images are royalty free and you can use them at no charge.
You can create your own templates or use pre-created templates. These templates can be customized with K-macro. You can also combine templates to create more complex designs.
When designing labels using K-macro, you can add text, pictures, shapes, background images, borders, frames, and other features to your labels. You can also change the size of any or all parts of your label.
K-macro can create documents in PNG or TIFF format for you to print and place your labels on the paper. You can add your own print settings, such as font, paper type, size, color, layout, and more. You can even add special effects to your labels using K-macro!
What is new in this release:
– Fixed Windows 7 and Linux 64 bit issue.
– Corrected some references to K-macro V8.
– This release does not install any files on Windows 8.
– You can now enter barcode fields with decimal places (e.g. 1.2, 2.5).
– You can now enter and print barcodes on multiple pages.
What is new in K-macro V8:
– Fixed the network computer crash issue.
– All Mac OS X installers now work.
– If you have to install K-macro, just drag the K-macro folder to your Applications folder.
– You can now set the hotkeys for your templates, such as Z, X, C, V, A, W, P, R.
– You can now see how many images are in your library.
– You can now take advantage of the auto download feature on your Templates library page.
– You can now view the PDF properties of any PDF file you create with K-macro.
– You can now delete the main header image if you are using one.
– You can now change the background color of the default template.
– You can now create your own templates.
– You can now keep the default files in your Templates library.
– You can now update the default files in your Templates library.
– You can


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