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She wants the UK to remain in the EU and believes those who voted in the referendum have a right to vote again.

I met Stella in Westminster Hall when she took part in a hustings of all the candidates in the European elections.

What does your party want to do about the referendum?


“I want to make sure that people who feel like they didn’t have the chance to express their views have that chance now. Because what that says to people is that the government doesn’t care what people think. They don’t care about how many people will be out of a job if we vote to leave the EU. I think it’s important people have a say, whether they vote to leave or to remain, because ultimately there’s not going to be that straightforward choice of being able to leave or not. If we leave the EU, I think we will be leaving a customs union and therefore possibly a customs border with Ireland. And I think that’s a really important issue. I don’t think it’s good for people in the UK or people in Ireland if that is what is on offer. I think that we need to have a very real choice about whether the UK should be part of the customs union as well as the single market or not.”

In the past the Labour Party has been very reluctant to talk about Brexit. How can you bring people together on something as big as Brexit and the EU?

“The big concern for me is we have moved too far away from the people. There’s no transparency from the government as

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