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Cathedral is a cutting-edge pipe organ software instrument.
With its intuitive and user friendly interface and extensive instrument library, Cathedral is easily the easiest to use pipe organ instrument on the market.
Cathedral is an organ emulator that uses the real organ sound models and real physical modelling methods and is therefore very faithful to the original instruments. Cathedral comes with a comprehensive selection of sounds, ranging from fresh and bright to rumbling and rich. Thanks to its analog synthesis technology, Cathedral can produce realistic and highly sophisticated sound.
Cathedral can be used as a standalone instrument and it can be used in combination with any other software instrument (OASIS, Voxengo, ReCycle, ReCycle+ etc).

The following is a list of the Cathedral sample libraries. Please note that new samples are added at the bottom of the list, so check back often!

Each directory contains one or more sample libraries. Please note that the ‘$’ symbol is used on the sample name to denote that the sample contains a filter and/or modulator for that effect.

There are three ways you can listen to the Cathedral sample libraries:

1. Download a sample to your hard drive and listen to it in your sequencer.
2. Download a sample to your hard drive and launch Cathedral on your computer. If you like the sample, you can purchase the sample for a small royalty fee.
3. Launch Cathedral on your computer and then browse for the sample(s) you want to listen to.

Please also note that this is a living list. All the sample libraries that have been added to the list can be purchased from this list. I will not add new sample libraries to the list that have not been added with this information.

If you are adding a sample to the list, please type in the sample ID (the number at the end of the sample name) in the “Add Sample” box. If the sample ID is not in the sample ID box (i.e. the “Add Sample” box is empty), then please leave the sample ID box empty and just add the sample name. You can use the “Sample ID” box for the name of the sample you are adding.

IMPORTANT: Do not use any spaces in the sample name in the “Sample Name” box. Also, eea19f52d2

The GreenPOS Project is a fork of the open-source POS software OpenBravoPOS. It is based on an GPLv3 license and provides a complete solution for electronic Point of Sale. GreenPOS is optimized for small and mid-sized companies (up to 40 employees) that wants a fully customizable solution with high-performance and high functionality.
The GreenPOS Project provides the typical POS features like:

Manage your clients, items and orders.
Customer management.
Manage products, stocks, and financial transactions.
Multiple vendors.
Real time inventory.
Built-in reports.
… and much more.
All this is freely available for you, the developers, to use and customize according to your needs.
GreenPOS Software Features:

Unlimited amount of users.
Free POS Management Software.
Easy to setup.
Easily manage your inventory.
Advanced Inventory.
Advanced reports.
Centralized data and management.
Free T.V, Sound, and Picture system.
Database Migration.
… and much more.

GreenPOS System Requirements:

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, Express or Standard Edition
SQL Server 2008 Express, Enterprise or Standard Edition

For more information visit the GreenPOS Project

I also added a plugin that may be useful to you. With it, you can import orders of your clients, orders of products you sell, as well as orders by your customers.

So you can:

Create a multi-client, multi-product, customer-specific POS.
Import your client’s orders from OpenBravoPOS.
Import your customer’s orders from OpenBravoPOS.
Import your products from OpenBravoPOS.
Import your products from your inventory.
Import your products from your clients.

After adding your plugins to the database, they are not in the DB by default. You must then run the plugin to activate them. To do so, access:


This will take a few minutes depending on your server’s configuration.

Then, you can execute:


Which should automatically generate a new plugin folder in ”


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