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fURI uses a sophisticated key macro for unobtrusive indexing of textual content.
The main benefit is the ability to change the text-based index to create your own unique key database. fURI pushes the power of the key macro engine into the background, ensuring a key template that is suitable to your needs. However, it is still possible to alter the text-based index that fURI builds during indexing, and these changes are automatically tracked and available to be viewed in the resulting list of files.
When indexing files, fURI uses the window text region and the title bar text as a base for the search, making it possible to search through text you do not want indexed, for example the “URL” of the linked images. This is possible because window text is stored in a form that is indexed separately.
When searching, fURI attempts to match the key text to the window text, and then to the title bar text, so it always finds the file you are looking for. It is possible to set rules for what parts of the page text should be indexed, and specify that the title bar text should be unique in the main body of text, not only the URL.
This helps to ensure that the index that fURI creates contains only relevant information.
The number of possible combinations of indexed words is astronomical, but fURI can make searching easier by narrowing down the range of potential matches, and for example ignore pages that contain the word “password” in the title bar.
It is possible to apply rules to ignore words that have been indexed. These rules can be based on their frequency or if they are ignored by other rules.
fURI supports a number of different key macro engines, including the usual suspects (Unicode, Mac OS X keystrokes), but also custom ones for specific purposes. These can be used independently of fURI or built into other programs using Lua scripting.
fURI uses the Unicode character index to support search engines that use multiple languages, such as the Baidu search engine. It does this using a number of Unicode characters for each English letter, and a similar system for the entire alphabet. Each keystroke can result in up to six characters, depending on which language the search is conducted in.
The keys available are listed in the Advanced Options; in addition to the standard fURI keystrokes, Mac OS X can be used by selecting the “Mac OS X” keystroke.
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Displays a quick time event or when opening a document the ‘Current Recursive Multi-Channel Audio File’ (in the WAV, MP3, AIFF, AU, and FLAC formats). A QuickTime Video File, WAV, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AIFF files will be played without a file dialogue. A filename can be entered to play the current audio file.


This work provides a unified interface to the various Python bindings to QNX 6.4. As such, it includes QPython and QNX PyObjC.
This library is based on the objective-C code from the SDK and provides a framework that uses the same names as the ones found in the SDK for Python bindings. As such, it provides a set of classes that adhere to the same Python interface as those present in the SDK.
With this, you can access the same APIs provided by the SDK, including native APIs such as the ones related to file access, communication, graphics, and others.


Supported Platforms:

– Android (using Qt)

In addition, PyQt4 includes Python C API bindings that can be used from external projects; these include QtCore, QtGui, QtSql, QtXml, QtXmlPatterns, and QtNetwork.

PyQt is a software utility pack including a number of bindings for the Qt framework. As such, it can be used to access Qt components and extensions from Python.
It is advisable to think of PyQt as a package that aims to deliver the Python language as cross-platform, in addition to taking the framework at The Qt Company in consideration.
PyQt contains three components:

pyqtcore – it provides Python bindings for the core functionality provided by the framework;

pyqtgui – it provides the Python bindings to some GUI components and to some Qt Designer elements;

pyqtwebengine – it provides the Python bindings to the web browser engine;

With regard to the utilities mentioned in the first paragraph, these include pyuic4, pyrcc4, and pylupdate4, as well as pyuic5, pyrcc5, and pylupdate5. In addition, pyside2 is used to access the PySide2 extension module.
Aside from that, PyQt5 comes with other extension modules. As such


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