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KeyMacro application can be used for controlling both music and video output. It can be used to play a macro recorded in the program and to start, stop and change the playback speed.
* Supports playback of recorded macros.
* Supports playback of one macro at a time.
* Can be started/stopped/replayed at any time.
* Supports playback of recorded macros using repeat-playback mode.
* Supports playback of recorded macros using a log mode (the number of repeated plays) and when to repeat.
* Can be controlled using the keyboard.
* It supports trackpad, mouse, and touchpad.
* Supports Zoom (double-click).
* It supports playback using the Forward/Backward buttons on the keyboard.
* Supports playback using the Next/Previous buttons on the keyboard.
* Supports skipping a song using the Next button on the keyboard.
* Supports skipping a song using the Previous button on the keyboard.
* It supports skipping a song using the mouse wheel.
* Supports skipping a song using a mouse button.
* Supports rewinding.
* Supports fast rewinding and normal rewinding.
* Supports pause/play.
* Supports volume control.
* Supports playing each song on each channel.
* Supports setting the selected song to the default song.
* Supports dual-output mode.
* Supports saving the settings to a file.
* Supports saving the settings in a text file.
* Supports importing a text file.
* Supports exporting a text file.
* Supports checking the settings of each program.
* Supports setting the application’s settings.
* Supports playing a CD.
* Supports playing a DVD.
* Supports playing an MP3.
* Supports playing a MIDI file.
* Supports playing a QuickTime movie.
* Supports playing an MPEG-4 movie.
* Supports playing an AVI file.
* Supports playing a WMV movie.
* Supports playing a VOB file.
* Supports playing a movie encoded in a JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and other file formats.
* Supports playing a movie encoded in a MOV, MP4, MKV, 3GP, and other file formats.
* Supports playing a movie encoded in a MPEG-2 and other file formats.
* Supports playing a movie encoded in a AVI file and other file formats.
* Supports playing a movie encoded in 70238732e0

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– Generates documents in CSV format.
– Separates barcode areas by white space (as needed) and barcode fields by commas.
– Prints the produced CSV files in a default printer (it doesn’t support PDF, Postscript or other formats).
– Supports Euro and US currency.
– Supports barcodes -EAN, UPC, Code39, QR and Data Matrix (NFC)
– Supports quantity (amount in inventory, sales, purchase, stock)
– Allows barcode scanning.

SerialBarCode is a software utility designed to create barcode labels for making electronic sales invoices or shipping labels. You can customize labels for a specific product line and specific customers. The application comes with a set of ready-to-use samples and includes a large database of barcodes.
KEYMACRO Description:
– Generates labels in PDF format.
– Displays barcode specifications (includes line type, size, orientation)
– Allows you to choose the type of barcode (and customize it by modifying parameters)
– Customizable font – Arial, Times New Roman, Comic Sans MS, Symbol, Free Serif, Free Sans, Century Gothic, Tahoma, Serif, and others.
– Allows you to select the barcode symbology – UPC, EAN, Code39, Code128, Code39, Code93, Codeabar, Code39/EAN, Code128/EAN, Code128, Codeabar, Code128, Codeabar, Code93, Codeabar, Code93, Code93, Code93, Code128.
– Allows you to select the position of the barcode on the label (top, left, bottom, or middle)
– Allows you to print the label and apply the barcode.
– Prints a test sheet.
– Prints a preview of the label before printing.

Accounting Manager is an accounting software designed to simplify the work of small businesses. It provides a set of tools that will help you manage your business’ finances. The program supports all of the standard accounting procedures.
KEYMACRO Description:
– Provides the tools for easy accounting.
– Allows you to read, write and print PDF files.
– Allows you to create invoices.
– Calculates taxes and provides the tax amount.
– Displays charts and tables.
– Allows you to create statements for invoices.


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