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* ‘F’ – Render in full screen mode
* ‘B’ – Render in windowed mode (show window)
* ‘N’ – Render in normal mode
* ‘A’ – Render in animation mode
* ‘X’ – Quit
*’s’ – Set bit depth
* ‘d’ – Set memory usage
* ‘0’ – Disable subpixel rendering (default)
* ‘1’ – Enable subpixel rendering (3x faster)
* ‘2’ – Enable edge anti aliasing (bump mapping, pretty)
* ‘3’ – Enable edge anti aliasing (pretty, slow)
* ‘4’ – Enable edge anti aliasing (normal)
* ‘8’ – Enable edge anti aliasing (extend each bit)
* ‘9’ – Disable edge anti aliasing (smooth)
* ‘L’ – Enable line smoothing
* ‘I’ – Disable line smoothing
* ‘P’ – Enable vertex painting (Lines, Circles, Arcs)
* ‘G’ – Enable double sided rendering (SillyScribble, CAJM, SeonDong)
* ‘Y’ – Enable font smoothing
* ‘C’ – Colorize the document
* ‘f’ – Set Document font
* ‘g’ – Set Document font size
* ‘x’ – Set document margins
* ‘M’ – Set document width
* ‘K’ – Change magnification
* ‘t’ – Set document scale factor
* ‘z’ – Set document aspect ratio
* ‘o’ – Set document origin
* ‘.’ – Apply Document rotate (for jpg and animated gif)
* ” – Render in full screen
* ‘-‘ – Toggle the pane
* ‘F’ – Full screen
* ‘D’ – Document
* ‘N’ – Normal
* ‘P’ – Pan and zoom
* ‘+’ – Zoom in
* ‘-‘ – Zoom out
* ‘1’ – Lock
* ‘2’ – Unlock
* ‘3’ – Copy
* ‘4’ – Paste
* ‘5’ – Reset
* ‘6’ – Erase
* ‘7’ – Undo
* ‘8’ – Redo
* ‘9’ – Tab to next document
* ’10’ – Tab to previous document
* ’11’ – Zoom 384a16bd22

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