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For instance, to obtain the product of two numbers, simply press Ctrl+* on your keyboard and the calculator will display their product (32 in this example).
You can also press Ctrl+A to list the basic arithmetic operators:
* / + – – / + + x ^
If you press Ctrl+P, you will be presented with a list of products or products of substrings, based on the current selection.
The shortcut Ctrl+D will display the decimal number converter with which you can easily convert one of the values of the list (32 in this example).
Please note that these functions are not contextual menus.
The keyboard shortcuts will be translated by the French translation.
The functions are accessible directly using the keyboard (without the mouse). For the graphical interface, it is simply a matter of choosing the corresponding skin among the available skins.
Version 1.0
– Added support for the RPN calculus.
– Added the possibility to create your own skins.
– Added support for the case of two decimal numbers.
– Added calculator, fractions,…
– Added the possibility to use keys during the calculation (to learn the type of number on which you want to operate).
– Enabled the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+* for the product of two numbers.
– Added the possibility to use the mouse during the calculation.
– Improved the French localization.
– Fixed some bugs.
Q: I don’t know how to start a calculation. How can I?
You can use one of the following keyboard shortcuts:
* / + – – / + + x ^
To select the next operation, simply press the corresponding key on your keyboard.
Q: I don’t know how to multiply two numbers. How can I?
To select the product, simply press Ctrl+* on your keyboard.
Q: I don’t know how to select a product or how to convert a decimal value. How can I?
To select the product, simply press Ctrl+P on your keyboard.
Q: How can I convert a decimal number?
Simply press Ctrl+D on your keyboard.
Q: How can I turn off the keyboard shortcuts?
To enable or disable the keyboard shortcuts, simply press Ctrl+H.
Q: How can I create my own skins?
You can use one of the following.RSD files:
Skin *
Skin •
Skin ** 84e02134c1

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Practice exam and check your knowledge: 1) Introduce yourself and your name.

2) What are the benefits of using network hardware for networking?

3) What is ITP?

4) What is IGMP?

5) What is SPAN?

6) What are the different areas and functions in a Cisco router?

7) What are the different types of physical interfaces in a Cisco router?

8) What are the different authentication methods in a Cisco router?

9) What are the different operational modes for a Cisco router?

10) What is VLAN?

11) What are the different versions of 802.11?

12) What is 6TiSCH?

13) What is BGP?

14) What is GRE?

15) What is SRSTP?

16) What is DHCP and DHCPv6?

17) What are the various address types?

18) What is the administrative interface of a Cisco router?

19) What is a multi-homing router?

20) What are the different IP versions?

21) What are the three different IP address families?

22) What is IP addressing?

23) What is a classless addressing system?

24) What are the various routing protocols?

25) What is a multiprotocol layer?

26) What is the multiple routing domains concept?

27) What is a VPN gateway?

28) What is the concept of NAT in IP networks?

29) What are the different NAT modes?

30) What are the different NAT modes?

31) What is IPv4 addressing?

32) What is IPv6 addressing?


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