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What is WKO+ 4.0?

WKO+ 4.0 is the next generation version of WKO+ and contains all of the new features added into WKO+ since 3.0. It is also a free update for all WKO+ users. If you have an existing license, you will receive an automatic upgrade (no download required).

New Features

The new and improved WKO+ 4.0 includes the following new features.

More than 100 athlete-level charts

The athlete-level charts now allow users to access a wider array of statistics. WKO+ now has more than 100 charts to choose from, giving users the ability to compare data over time to help coaches and athletes interpret results. These charts can be drawn up to any length, allowing athletes to be able to see the differences in their performance over time.

Athlete charts with period analysis

One of the most common athlete queries is asking for the best days, best weeks, or best runs of the season. To help athletes, WKO+ 4.0 has athlete charts with period analysis. Athletes are able to quickly see a summary of their best, worst, average or season points over the time period of a single day, week, or season.

Percentile charts for acceleration and deceleration

Athletes who compete in races where speed can have a large effect on their times can now analyze their results with percentile charts. In addition to charts with the traditional banding, a percentile chart shows the number of athletes in each time band. For example, a 100 percentile chart with five bands may give the data set to see how far athletes are from the average. A perfect athlete would be near or at 100 percentile, while a less-than-perfect athlete would be near or at 0 percentile.

WKO+ is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel

WKO+ is now fully integrated with Excel, giving users the ability to easily create a range of athlete charts with a few clicks. Users can select a set of columns to have the chart summary for or they can select a range of rows that have the same time period in the chart.

Complex compression and cross-loading of data

WKO+ 4.0 allows users to load several different types of data into a


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