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Monday, June 6th, 2022

Even though the operating system deployed on your computer features a basic navigation tool, some prefer other applications for this job. FreeCommander is a file manager that relies on the same two-panel view we've seen in other similar applications, but promising to offer a bunch of other very handy utilities.
Visually appealing and easy to use
The application features a very clean and user-friendly interface, and that's indeed a very important fact since it's supposed to be aimed at beginners and experienced users alike.
Although there are a few things to be improved here and there, such as the drive icons that seem to be too cramped underneath the toolbar, FreeCommander remains an easy to use application.
Various tools put at your disposal
While right clicking on a folder or file opens the traditional Windows Context Menu, FreeCommander boasts a number of tools, including a built-in compression tool that handles ZIP, CAB and RAR files.
In addition, FreeCommander allows you to create and verify MD5 checksums, wipe or split files, connect to a network drive, open a command prompt window, take a desktop screenshot, run a user-defined application, as well as synchronize and compare folders.
Configure hotkeys for every action
The built-in FTP client can be configured with just a few clicks as long as you know all the settings, but FreeCommander impresses mostly thanks to the superior customization level it provides. You can defined a key shortcut for basically every single tiny action that can be performed within FreeCommander, including the common copy, paste, delete and move operations.
Each panel view is highly customizable straight from the main window, with multiple modes at your disposal, including list, details, custom columns, large and small icons, thumbnails and quick view.
To end with
Overall, FreeCommander is undoubtedly one of the best file managers on the market, and with some improvements, it could easily fight for the supremacy of this particular software category. However, the application receives constant updates, so if you're using it and are experiencing issues there's still hope.







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The X Window System is the standard graphical user interface used on Unix and Unix-like computer operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X. In a nutshell, the X Window System is responsible for providing windowing capabilities and for implementing the event-driven graphical user interface (GUI). Although X is not used by itself, the Unix X Window System is the foundation on which the majority of Unix-like operating systems use the graphical user interface.
This tool will let you explore the core of the operating system on the x86 architecture. You will have access to important aspects such as the kernel, the GNU toolchain and the graphical user interface. With a single mouse click, you can launch the X Window System, monitor its process, display the current values of all system variables and manage your user accounts.
The Linux Kernel
The Linux Kernel is the core of the Linux operating system. It is a monolithic kernel where all the modules are grouped under a single entity. This single entity is the central point of the operating system. The kernel was developed in-house at Linux, and is the heart of all Linux distributions. When the kernel is loaded, the device tree is loaded, which is a set of pre-defined device driver rules. The kernel provides the initial set of interrupt handlers and services for each device. It acts as a set of low-level services that are provided to the application. The kernel is also responsible for issuing the system calls and signals that are used to handle the interrupts. The kernel manages the memory and processes.
GNU toolchain
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X Window System
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X Window System is responsible for

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WiseFTP is an FTP client, which means you can transfer files and folders from your PC to an FTP server.
With this FTP client you can transfer files, folders, and a whole disk to the FTP server.
You can use this software for the following things:
Freezing or syncing files and folders with an FTP server
Transferring files, folders, and a whole disk to FTP server
Backup files and folders
Copying files, folders, or a whole disk to FTP server
Unpacking files
Downloading files
Creating and sending FTP accounts
Uploading files
Downloading files and folders
Downloading and upload a single file
You can use the toolbar to do all of the following things:
Compress and decompress
Create a compressed archive (ZIP, RAR, CAB)
Create an archive without compression (BZIP)
Create a password protected archive (RAR, CAB, ZIP)
Compress and decompress files (LZMA/LZH)
Copy, move and delete files and folders
Unpack archive (CAB, RAR, ZIP)
Select files and folders (single/multiple selection,…)
Edit/change text
Click or double click to select and deselect a file or folder
Navigate inside a folder or file (a single or a range of lines)
Double click to select (or deselect) multiple lines
Navigate inside a file (a single or a range of lines)
Show and hide files and folders
Sort files or folders
View the file properties
Select files, select the properties window and then select the sorting option
View the file or folder properties
Disable or enable certain operations (including FTP client operations)
Languages: English, Polish, Greek, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Bulgarian,…
Platforms: Windows

The FireFox feature: “Click to Download”
The FireFox feature: “Click to Download”
How to turn on:
Step 1) “Tools” > “Options” » “Extensions”
Step 2) “Click to Download”: (it will be a small firefox icon)
Step 3) “firefox” > Â

What’s New in the FreeCommander XE?

All those applications that ask you for your name, your company and your email address, at the beginning of the installation process? If so, you might have found a problem in FreeCommander XE.
This is a free download by Joltine, and it appears to be different than the version of FreeCommander XE that you might find in the list of downloads on the official website. However, it appears to be a work in progress, which might explain the lack of an exact version number on the file.
What's more, the file itself does not really contain any information about the application that it is supposed to represent.
You might have found a cracked file, but if that's the case, please download the original version of FreeCommander XE from our list of genuine FreeCommander XE downloads.
ClipMate 3.0.2 Free Download
ClipMate is a free program that has a lot to offer. It is a web clipping application. ClipMate is a web clipping tool and media organizer that features a unique way of clipping your favorite web sites.
What makes ClipMate 3.0.2 Free Download so special is that it can manage your web clips by seamlessly creating folders for your web clippings, organizing them by either topic or date, and adding tags to your clips. ClipMate can create a personalized navigation sidebar or, optionally, a custom folder. ClipMate can also organize your images by creating your own folders and organize images into folders by date. You can download ClipMate 3.0.2 Free.
The program creates a small sidebar or menu on your desktop which allows you to quickly access your clippings. You can also choose to create your own menu by typing in the URL of the site that you wish to clip. For example, you could type in in the URL bar of your Internet browser and have the entire contents of Google displayed right there on your desktop.
ClipMate 3.0.2 Free Download enables you to clip any site that uses the Free Image Hosting site. ClipMate allows you to organize your clips into folders and tags your clips. You can add keywords to your clips, so that you can search for them later.
There are two ways that you can save a clip in ClipMate. The first way is to type in the URL of the site that you want to clip. The second way is to use the right-click menu on the ClipMate toolbar. When you press and hold your mouse button on an image on a web page, you will see the ClipMate toolbar appear.
ClipMate 3.0.2 Free Download Features
* Simple, intuitive user interface.
* Organize your clippings

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 1 GB
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Installation Instructions
You do not need to install anything other than the game. Just extract the zip file anywhere you like.
Start the game.
Press X to close the game window and open the file explorer.