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Want to use a keyboard shortcut to save a file? Now you can! For each keystroke, you can assign up to five macros to a separate function. Pressing the keyboard shortcut keys will automatically trigger your macros.
Macros are really quick, convenient shortcuts that can automate any repetitive task. This program works with up to 5 characters, so you can have a shortcut that launches an iTunes or other music playlist, or it could open a web browser and visit a certain web site.
TopMacro has lots of options to choose from, and you can even customize the shortcut’s length, language, and style. You can use a ready made macro, or you can create your own. The program also displays a step-by-step how-to video to guide you through.

[B]Features[/B] * Up to 5 keystrokes can be assigned to each macro, making this a more flexible program than others that offer only one or two characters.
* There are more than 2,000 built-in Macro combinations for you to choose from.
* Macros can be triggered by pressing a keystroke or a mouse button.
* You can use a built-in Macro Editor to create your own macros.
* In the Macros list, you can choose from various styling, font, color, size, and keyboard shortcut styles.
* This is a Mac OS X app.
* You can assign a Macro to any of the 10 standard system shortcuts.
* You can change the hot key to any of the 10 standard system shortcuts.
* Keyboard shortcut keys can be changed, deleted, and inserted.

[B]What’s New[/B] Version 1.0.1 – 2008/05/08
* KeyMacro now allows you to create custom sequences of keys.
* A new Quick Fix feature was added.
* Macros are now displayed in a similar way as other KeyMacro options.
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


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Keyname & Keyvalue are very powerful macros for Microsoft Windows. You can make macros with keystrokes to do many things automatically, such as change the desktop wallpaper, change the cursor, shutdown the computer etc… Keyname is the name of the key. You can set any text to the keyname.
Keyvalue is the value you set on the key. You can set any text or exe file to the keyvalue.
Keyname/Keyvalue works very well and it is free.
I sell Keyname & Keyvalue only on my website.

Free Registry Cleaner 3.01

Use these macros to quickly change the text to any key or value in the windows registry.
Keymacro is a collection of free registry macros. The keys are changed by entering the macro name and the keyvalue is the value. The macro names are case sensitive and keys and values are also case sensitive.

published: 13 Mar 2015


WinCE BUGFIX- Convert is slow or hung after the first time conversion or any conversion

Introduction To Creative Cloud Suite 6

Introduction To Creative Cloud Suite 6

How To Use Microsoft Office 2010 – Learn Tech Videos

How To Use Microsoft Office 2010 – Learn Tech Videos
In this video we look at some of the basics of Microsoft Office 2010. So we’re going to explore the program from beginning to end. This video is perfect for those wanting to learn about the software and expect to see great returns on their investment.
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