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SiteSucker 3.2.5

KeyMacro only works with the Photoshop DXT1 plugin so only DDS files will be processed.

Macro names are from the original nVidia tools. KeyMacro is not the same as the “Macro” button in the nVidia tools.

Only works with DDS images as the memory content of the DDS file is compressed during the rendering process so only DDS images can be processed.

If you have edited a DDS image and saved the edit in a separate image file in addition to saving the DDS image, the Macro will not convert the separate file.

The Macro code will detect that there are DDS files in the image directory and should work correctly.

Processing a DDS file as a separate image file will also not work.

If the path to the image does not include the filename, it will not be recognised as a valid DDS file.

The Image type is not set until the DDS image is processed and will be set to Generic Image when processing is first detected.

When no DDS files exist in the directory, the Macro will report that there are no files to process.

The Base directory where the DDS images are located should be set when running the Macro.

Setting the Output Directory will not affect the Macro.

The Macro will not overwrite existing files in the Output Directory.

The Macro will run in the user directory.

Macros can be saved using any text editor.

Macro code is stored in the text file being saved.

Each line of Macro code should be the same as it appears in the User Menu of the nVidia DXT tool.


KeyMacro “MODE”

KeyMacro “CLASS”
� 384a16bd22

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This package allows you to automate your Password attempts for hours at a time, using a mixture of guessing, brute force and dictionary techniques. It will attempt passwords with all of the special characters and numbers available. It uses special characters such as *+-=[]\|$;:”,./? and thousands of passwords contained in a massive password dictionary.
What is Keymacro?
Keymacro is an Automation utility that when ran, allows you to input a large amount of possible passwords to guess. It then goes through all of the passwords that it can find and tries to guess the password. A simple example would be if you have a laptop that you want to lock with a password of “password”. You would simply run the application, input “password” and let it run. The application will attempt to guess your password using various different techniques.
New Features in version 1.2:
• Added an option to choose the offset for keymapping.
• Added an option to choose the timeout for keymapping.
• Added a option to only select the first failed attack attempt.
• Added an option to choose the number of attacks per keystroke for keymapping.
• Added a search box to help speed up keymapping.
• Added the ability to use a dictionary file to increase the size of the password dictionary.
• Improved functionality on Linux and Mac platforms.
• Improved error handling on Linux and Mac platforms.
• Updated the program to use udevmonitor to improve performance.
• Improved software to only send 5 keystrokes when keymapping.
• Corrected an issue when trying to keymapping multiple computers at the same time.
• Added an option to turn off software updates for Keymacro.
• Added the ability to turn off the command line mode of the application.
• Corrected an issue when using password managers on Windows.
• Updated the Linux versions of the program to use udevmonitor to improve performance.
• Improved functionality on Linux and Mac platforms.
• Updated the Windows version of the program to use keystroke recordings to improve performance.
• Reduced errors during keymapping.
• Improved the error handling of the Linux versions of the program.
• Corrected the formatting of the output log file.
• Fixed a bug in the password scan module.
• Minor issues and updates have been made to improve usability.
How to Use
1. Select the operating


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