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What do we need in order to start building a good beautiful Internet business, and not try to sell it to someone, or dump it (in this case, it doesn’t matter where) when it begins to flourish before your eyes and make a profit?
You need an idea, just the idea itself, to launch your small online store!
If we learn from our past experience (after we have learned, we pass on our experience to our colleagues), then our idea has long been used by someone. If you want to create something new, then you must come up with your own – original, beautiful and evolving.
How many times do you hear that somewhere someone wrote and proposed their idea? Probably a million times.
And now I will tell you how I wrote this book in order to attach it and make money on it.
I already had an idea a few months ago – but it didn’t catch on.
I decided to call a friend who lives in the USA and find out what he would really like to buy from me?
– And what did he buy from you? I asked.
“I’ve never ordered anything from you, and I don’t intend to,” he snapped.
Knowing the situation, I decided to take a different path, I took the coolest and most expensive book in the world – “A Million in Seven Days”.
– Hmm, – I thought – they don’t believe me anymore. In fact, this is not a book worth wasting your life on.
But enough words, let’s move on.
A few years ago I met a guy from the same city where I live and “moved” to visit him. He is engaged in real estate trading and he needed to take up an Internet project.
Still in the store you can earn “real”
I started the conversation by asking about his ideas.
He said that he had an idea how to become very rich and earn a lot of money. And I decided along the way to find out what kind of education he had, what he graduated from, and so on.
Even though I knew that his education was financial management, I started asking him about school and his school success.
It turned out that he studied quite well and that they even had a subject “computers”.
His next question was – “Why don’t you try to run your own business”? I replied that I was in business and had experience, but




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