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Google Chat Troller is a Java-based application that can connect to Gmail and Facebook chat in order to automatically generate text responses and send them to your interlocutor. In order to use it, simply login to Gmail or Facebook and leave the application turned on. When a contact or a friend sends you a chat message, Google Chat Troller will reply for you and display the whole conversation within its main window.
You can also specify from which domain the message should be sourced.
Google Chat Troller Features:
– Instant messages delivery;
– Automatic updates;
– Auto synchronization with Gmail;
– Automatic updates with Gmail and Facebook;
– Text translation;
– Markup and Media;
– Multiple language support;
– Adjustable colors and font size;
– Save Google’s, Facebook’s and Skype’s contact information;
– Backward support;
– Seamless integration with Gmail, Facebook and Skype.
Note: When purchasing this version, you get the full version of Google Chat Troller.
To download Google Chat Troller click on the following link:

If you have comments or feature requests please leave them in Google Chat Troller’s forum:

ScrambleNotes Live is the ultimate study app. Using its two-way feature, you can take a picture or take a screencast and then use it to write a note to yourself. Your notes are saved on the server, encrypted with SSL and then securely transferred over the Internet. If you are studying at home, you don’t need to worry about losing your notes.
ScrambleNotes Live is a fast and clean study tool. You don’t need to wait for the application to load, you can focus on your studies. You can add a few notes, or type an entire essay in one sitting. Use ScrambleNotes Live for everything from homework to notes to book notes and to-do lists.
You can choose from multiple fonts and choose between several different colors. With the help of the whiteboard feature, you can take a picture of the screen and use it to write notes in your own handwriting.
ScrambleNotes Live has a built-in document editor ce698b3d9e

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Accent Color Synchronizer
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One of the first English-Russian dictionaries created.

The Definitive Online Russian-English Dictionary
With over 5 million words, this online dictionary is as easy to use as a browser, but with more accurate words.
Ordering is easy and available via Credit card and PayPal.
We have an extensive FAQ for newcomers to online dictionaries.

Russian dictionary with more than 400.000 definitions
Russian Dictionary is a free online English Russian dictionary, which includes common Russian words. The program can be accessed by any Internet connection.
The largest online Russian dictionary is not only free, but also very powerful. It is constantly updated with the latest words and includes a lot of search functions for faster access.
Our database contains words in Russian and English, so there is a one-to-one correspondence between Russian and English words.

Best English Russian Dictionary
We present you a free online English Russian dictionary.
The dictionary contains more than 7.000.000 words in English and Russian.
You can get it free of charge from
The dictionary is updated daily. New words are added.
Our online dictionary is very easy to use.
It is very useful for all Internet users.
Moreover, the dictionary is a very efficient tool for learning Russian.

Online English Russian Dictionary
A really convenient Russian-English online dictionary, which can be accessed through any Internet connection. It contains more than 650.000 words and words in Russian and English are matched with one another.
The most convenient part is the ability to search by different languages.

Online English-Russian Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary is a web-based dictionary. It allows to look up words in English and Russian.
In our dictionary there are more than 400.000 words in English and Russian.
There are search and concordance functions.

Online Russian-English Dictionary
A really convenient Russian-English online dictionary which can be accessed through any Internet connection. The dictionary contains more than 250.000 words in English and Russian.
In our dictionary you can look up words in English and Russian. You can also search for a word by its part of speech.

Russian Word Finder
Find a Russian word in a dictionary with thousands of synonyms.
This dictionary of Russian words is a simple but very useful tool. You can easily look up a word in different dictionaries and with the help of our online dictionary you can also see a list of synonyms.


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