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Features of this screensaver:
– 3D scenes with animation
– Music
– Animated fireplace
– 3D objects
– Nice scene with animated presents
– Gorgeous 3D Christmas tree
– Realistic model train with animated wheels
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Needles in the Mink – Explaining your money matters to your children.

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Aneedles in the Mink – Explaining your money matters to your children



Our most popular course! It’s a great way to get a close family understanding of the things that affect your financial life, and what you and your children can do to make it easier for you all. You’ll get a series of short lessons delivered over the course of a week – each delivered by either one of our lecturers or an entertaining and lively comic who will make you laugh and cry. You’ll get to learn about all sorts of money-related issues, including: what money means to your family, how to pay your rent, how to pay your bills, how to save and get a loan, how to save money, how to invest your money and even how to get a loan to improve your house. All to make it easier for you to keep your cash in your wallet and your wallet in your pocket, week by week!

* This is a 4 hour course. It has been delivered in partnership with the same company who deliver the course in the UK, and who have been instructed to keep the details of the programme exactly the same. This company have been vetted by the British Standards Institution, and they offer courses in the home, the workplace, in prisons and in the community.

In the first lesson, you will be invited to introduce yourself to your children and the course, and to your partner. In the second lesson, you will learn about the things you can do to ensure that you all stay in the money game, and even have some fun doing it. In the third lesson, you will learn the three steps you can use to make your finances work for you. In the fourth lesson, you will learn about something that none of you would guess is one of the biggest causes of friction between you and your partner: your underwear. Finally, in the fifth lesson, you will learn about some of the things your children can do to make your life easier, and a bit cheaper.

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Scans all system directories for potentially large database files. App Optimizer can optimizes the database files to save more space on the disks. The database files can then be opened in a fraction of the size they used to be.

The database files are reduced by compressing them so they take less disk space and can be opened in a faster manner.

With the Database File Analyzer you will be able to view the database files being compressed and decompressed at a file level. You can also view their compressed and decompressed sizes.

The database compression ratios can be selected to be between 1:1 and 1:64.

The operating system and version of the database file can be displayed.

Scanning can be done in a number of different ways. The choice is based on the scanning mode, which has been selected using a checkbox on the Options tab. The available scanning modes are:

Quick Scan is used for databases that are smaller than 2GB.

Full Scan is used for databases that are larger than 2GB.

The database can be set to scan a single folder using the Folder button or several folders can be specified in the folder dialog box, which is accessible from the Options tab.

The path of the database files can be specified in the drop down box.

Open a database file

The database can be opened directly after compression or decompression.

Preview the saved database file in a new window.


A database that is optimized can be opened more quickly than if it was not.

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The application databases are smaller than they would be if they were not compressed.


Displays the operating system and version of the database file.

Examines a single folder.

Allows several folders to be specified.

Does not work with Windows Vista/XP.

Operating System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Hard Disk: 512 MB or more

Folder Path: Specify the path of the database files

Database Size: 2 GB or less

RAM: 32 MB or more

Important note:

The database files will be renamed when you compress them with App Optimizer.

1. Download and Install App Optimizer

Click on the link below, download the latest version of App Optimizer, then install the application.


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