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Mirekusoft Install Monitor – App Finder is an easy-to-use application designed to help you find new or related programs quickly and easily. The program scans your computer and lists all newly installed programs by product name, program category, company or developer, or by comparing the program to a given file.
Mirekusoft Install Monitor Features:
Mirekusoft Install Monitor – App Finder works well with all the common types of programs: if a program is grouped or compared to a file, it will be included in this list. In addition to running a program’s default uninstaller, it can also perform a full uninstall for selected programs. If your system contains a number of programs that you no longer need (or even if you just want to clean up), you can easily find them quickly by running Mirekusoft Install Monitor – App Finder.
Software and Related Content
Mirekusoft Install Monitor – App Finder is an easy-to-use utility that finds and finds new programs and applications on your computer. It offers several features:

Find installed software and related content related to file names, file extensions and certain values or properties.
This software helps users find installed software and related content by comparing it against one or more values or properties.
You can search by file names, file extensions, or search for software and related content by looking at certain values or properties (such as company name, developer name, version, description, tags, file size, file type, date modified, date created, first found, locked by, Windows Installer filename, hardware requirements, developer name,…).
Scan all related content on the computer (uninstalled content).
Scan all files (uninstalled content).
Don’t stop scanning at one or multiple errors.
Scan files recursively and follow symbolic links (uninstalled content).
Scan directories recursively (uninstalled content).
Uninstall process will be started by default.
Uninstall all files (uninstalled content).
Don’t stop scanning at one or multiple errors.
Uninstall all directories (uninstalled content).
Uninstall all files (uninstalled content).
Uninstall only one selected software by using a given file.
Uninstall all selected software.
Show recent history of errors with each item scanned (uninstalled content).
Reset scan to default settings after the scan is complete.
Get software and related content by comparing against a given value or property.
Mac OS X 10.6.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor Free Download

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Mirekusoft Install Monitor Keygen Full Version

Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a very nifty application capable of uninstalling programs from your computer. It includes a monitor for detecting all files, folders and registry entries they create.
The setup procedure takes a long time to finish. Unfortunately, Mirekusoft Install Monitor depends on third-party components (built into the setup kit).
The main application window has a clean appearance and shows all installed applications on your system, along with recently removed ones (with strike through).
Program details include publisher, installed date and time, size, version, time and date of last access, usage frequency, and assigned user. It is recommended to perform a scan for missing information if tools were installed prior to Mirekusoft Install Monitor’s setup.
Opening the context menu on a selected app reveals the most notable options. You can view contents (installed files, folders and registry keys) along with autostart items it is responsible for, uninstall or repair it, search for online information, open its entry in Registry Editor, copy the tool name and version to the Clipboard, as well as view file properties (just like in Windows Explorer).
In addition, you can use a search function within lengthy program lists (include or exclude files, keys, values, delete entries, date range), locate an app using its active window, view CPU, memory and disk size consumption for active processes (similar to Task Manager in Windows 8), as well as manage apps that automatically run at OS startup.
As far as configuration is concerned, you can show file history in the Contents pane, together with program updates and hidden apps, hide uninstalled tools and the ones installed before Install Monitor, as well as attempt to reduce the database size and fix any errors.
The software application runs a tool’s default uninstaller to remove it. It does not automatically eliminate leftovers (nor have an option to do so) but gives you this possibility on a selected app, from the upper part of the screen (“Cleanup”). It excludes the risk of deleting contents of utilities that are still installed (“Uninstall” is shown instead).
System resources consumption is high, especially with CPU. Loading missing information can take a long while, depending on the amount of programs you have. We have not encountered any issues in our tests, though.
Although Mirekusoft Install Monitor shares features with other products, such as Revo Uninstaller Pro or IObit Uninstaller, what sets it apart is the ability to view

What’s New in the?

Mirekusoft Install Monitor combines the functionality of an uninstaller with a powerful system monitor that doesn’t require network connectivity.
Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a very nifty application capable of uninstalling programs from your computer. It includes a monitor for detecting all files, folders and registry entries they create. It is recommended to perform a scan for missing information if tools were installed prior to Mirekusoft Install Monitor’s setup.
Some of the important features of Mirekusoft Install Monitor include:
* A simple, easy-to-use interface; no need to learn how to navigate complex systems.
* A powerful search engine that searches for installed files, folders, registry keys and values.
* Supports any file or folder to find out its name, size, creation and modification date and time, time of last access, and even the user assigned to it.
* Shows the program’s start up date, version, publisher, assigned user and access rights, as well as list of files installed by the program.
* Shows the registry keys and values that the program created or changed and allows you to search for them.
* Shows thumbnail pictures of installed files and folders.
* A deep file contents monitor of all the files in your computer, including hidden ones.
* A detailed file properties monitor that shows the file’s title, creation and modification date and time, size, and user assigned to it.
* Ability to view file history that shows all changes to a file’s properties made by the program.
* Allows you to search for a file that is deleted, or a specific file for a selected program.
* All files that have been added to the computer’s, or removed from the applications Recycle Bin are listed in the Windows Explorer along with the date when they were added or removed.
* Ability to view files that have been deleted or recovered from the Recycle Bin.
* Has a system monitor tool that does not require any installation and enables you to view system performance and resources statistics for the active processes in the system.
* An easy to use setup wizard that allows you to install the program without any difficulties
* A background uninstaller, able to run your chosen uninstaller and uninstall missing programs without user’s supervision
* A clean and simple interface (unlike the complexity of other solutions).
* The most important: a powerful search engine that you can use to find installed files, folders and registry keys that belong to the programs you want to uninstall.

System Requirements For Mirekusoft Install Monitor:

Memory: 256 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Processor: 1.2 GHz
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