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Microxp-0.82.iso Added

Microxp-0.82.iso Added


Microxp-0.82.iso Added

We have added a new portable version of MicroXP to our site.
It is called microxp-0.82.iso and you can download it here.

If you are familiar with the 0.82 version you will notice that this version is more stable and refined than the previous ones.

The software was released in two versions.
microXP Pro SP3 v.1.11b and a free version called microXP Pro SP3 v.1.11b + RUS Portable.

In this version you can fix your taskbars and multimedia keys, your taskbar.

The following software will be included:
microXP Pro SP3 v.1.11b

Tested on

Microsoft Windows XP professional SP3

User@test:winsock:~$ sudo apt-get install lsb-core && sudo apt-get install
microxp-0.82.iso && sudo apt-get install terminator

In the version of the next.iso there is a new feature called Taskbar, which allows you to fix your taskbars without the need of repartitioning the disk.

An extract of the technical details of the new features is included below:

Taskbar: The software adds a new utility called taskbar. During the installation you can create it or choose to disable it. If you have used other popular utilities you will surely like it for its simplicity of use and for its speed and reliability. By default the utility is installed in the system directory, therefore if you are interested in it you can create a shortcut. The shortcut will be in the “places” application and its path will be something like: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Taskbar. If you want to disable it you just have to press any of the keys at its right side during the installation. In addition, you can change the visible icon and label of the taskbar, and you can customize its location, size and style. In the configuration utility you can add, delete or modify as many taskbars as you want.

From the configuration utility you can also add, delete or modify labels. You can even modify the behavior of icons, labels, buttons, etc. If you like to customize the taskbar’s appearance use this utility to do it. In case you are interested in this you can go to the official MicroXP website and download the many available themes.

keyboard management

new features (based on 0.82): full functionality is now accessible from the main menu; bug fixed: graphics can be displayed on.
MicroXP is free software,.


FAQ and Troubleshooting:

– Anyone know a good.
– I have microxp-0.82.iso in one of my removable mediums, but when I have tried to install it, it.
– Is it possible to install microxp-0.82.iso in a CD-RW (I.
– I downloaded.
– I’m not sure which.
– I just downloaded the program and it is in.
– I would like to install it on.
– I wish to install this in a disk that has no internal hard drive.
– Does anyone know if there is a driver for Windows 2003 Standard Edition.
– I am trying to install it on.
– I tried to follow the instructions on the.
– I can’t get it to.
– Is this software free or commercial?
– Windows.
– I just tried to install microxp-0.82.iso on my friend’s laptop, but.
– I’m running Windows XP.

Just in case someone could help me. I have downloaded microxp-0.82.iso from the second link on this page in a removable.


I have made a USB disc with the following 2 files:

files\redist\winxp_32(the key I have.

If I load microxp-0.82.iso onto a.


When I put in the USB drive and load this disc, MicroXP says “No operating system selected”; but the disc is.


I then installed the microxp-0.82.iso file by double clicking on the file and.


On first loading, the Windows XP desktop is there; but nothing else.


After clicking on “Next” at the “Select location for installation” prompt, it.


hangs at the Loading.




At the “New PC or a new hard.





the “Continue” prompt, the second CD-ROM is read, and it.



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