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The Dark Age I : The Warrior Prince:

The Dark Age I : The Armada:

The Dark Age I : The Blazing Planet:

About the Developer:
Inspired by the stories in the MEGA MAN Legends games and Dark Souls, we set out to make a game that would honor these amazing characters while still staying true to a Legend of Zelda-style experience.
We believe that these games have impacted the way many of us view video games and the world in general. We would like to tap into that nostalgia and draw from those emotions like our own inspiration did when we created the first Legend of Zelda game all those years ago.
If you are the kind of gamer that enjoys a great story and adventure gameplay and isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty, we hope you will enjoy the game and the journey we have taken so far, as we continue to grow and expand on the existing lore.
Enjoy and please feel free to comment!

We would like to thank everyone who has followed us and supported our work. Without you, none of this would be possible!
You can find us on the following pages, where we will continue to share our work as we progress.

We would like to thank you for watching this video.
Please give it a like if you enjoyed this video. It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for watching 🙂

ZELDA: LttP : Topic(s) : Gaiden : June 2006:
This is the final Gaiden release.
Thanks to everyone who has participated in the project as developers, artists, testers, and gamers.

Gaiden: Journey to the Past (エッジェル島の伝説; Ejelirimachiyoo no densetsu) is a video game originally released as a Game Boy Advance video game for


Mango Features Key:

  • Full 3D heist games are back – just enjoy
  • run and jump as a delivery superhero you might have seen in comics
  • collect and deliver packages and boost your inventory
  • customize your hero with a vast assortment of powers
  • dive head first into the criminal underworld with full 3D heist games
  • stuff the hidey-holes with the power of 2 hand grenades
  • smash or steal a path to freedom


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Starfinder® is a science-fantasy roleplaying game of epic wonders and mysterious aliens that puts the spotlight on the players and their adventures.
The setting is a distant future in which humanity is in the midst of exploring the galaxy. Players take on the roles of intrepid adventurers (technically they are more like teams) of various types to explore new worlds and fulfill quests. The adventure is not limited to looking for treasure and fighting monsters, though. To play, you and your fellow heroes will need to study the cultures of other species, learn their secrets, and make a lasting impression.
Starfinder combines the imagination of science-fiction with the strategy, heroes and roleplaying of a fantasy game to deliver an experience unlike any other roleplaying game on the market!
Key Features:
Explore over 100 unique aliens, including cryptids, animals, fungi, bugs and even robots!
Roleplay with your friends in a fully-immersive Starfinder universe with no game master, no dice and no need to track up characters’ XP!
Customize how your party lives, looks and fights – making your own characters is as easy as choosing your own unique six-sided dice!
Characters can share equipment, skills and attributes based on their chosen alien species or their choice of augmentations.
Risk, reward, and hard choices are critical elements of playing in Starfinder – you will need to make decisions to succeed, and those decisions will change the way you will play.
If you like what you see, you can try out Starfinder for free at – just register with your email and you’ll get a download link to the digital version of the Starfinder Rulebook, the Starfinder Character Guide, all of the source documents used to create the book, and updates for the game.
Starfinder RPG is a trademark or registered trademark of Paizo Inc., or its subsidiaries.

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This is a remake of the very first CIP event. The new event will provide additional features to construct CIP. ( for example Multiplayer ) the idea of this remake was that the game has enough content of TCWE – and dont want to expand further into new stuff. But if you want to play a new CIP event I can write the “Crisis of the Elite” version. But it would be added later. It takes 3 years to construct CIP. There is a default duration but you can choose shorter or longer in game. Multiplayer by default has a length of 15 turns/months. It takes 3 months to construct CIP. Combat force requirement and score are the same as in TCWE event. If any party in CIP joins your foe alliance CIP dismantles automatically ( therefore extra production ) but the score value stays.It takes 60 political points to start construction. ( total 100 to start CIP) AI also builds CIP when it thinks it needs to. The decision of what production it should be depends on the current leader. For example Stalin, Truman, Khrushev and Kennedy prefer to build military production. Other leaders mostly prefer diplomats and spies.If you want to play CIP feel free to do it. You are also free to copy/paste the rules of TCWE to this remake. You just need to send me the files at if you want a list of restrictions and rules.I leave you with the questions: ( I will respond personally to people who send me private message )

– Are you sure that you want to receive another 1 million clicks?- Can I get the game without sponsorship?- Should I use a VPN or I can use another country?- Can I use my own homepage?- Can I use my own city as a HQ?- Can I use my own nation-specific graphics?- Can I use my own national music?- Can I use my own national sounds?- Can I use my own CIP logo?- Are you sure you want to receive tons of emails?

– 1 million clicks – The sponsors pay 1 million for one click, so if you have 100,000 clicks, you will have paid 1,000,000. Please confirm whether you want to receive this amount. This option will appear only once in the confirmation page. This promotion is ended, if you send the confirmation. If you dont confirm, you will not receive the payment.- Is the game free?- Can I get the game


What’s new:

The Little Acre (full title: Shadow of a Great City by the Sea, the Little Acre) is a 1917 painting by the New Zealand artist, Colin McCahon. The work depicted a hat in the foreground, with a landscape in the background. McCahon painted the hat as a memorial to the death of his mother’s brother. Conceived as an abstract piece, McCahon added the elements of hat and landscape to the canvas as a meditation on his own existence. Through symbolic representation, the subject takes on a new interpretation.

The Little Acre was acquired from the McCahon family with assistance from the Art Gallery of New South Wales on the occasion of The Minister of Public Works Purchase Open to Public Competition – Art Section, on 11 November 2001. The work was first shown in the Wigmore Hall, London, in 2003. On its first New Zealand display, at the Fleetwood Macmillan Collection in 2014, the painting was described as having a “searing power, and demands to be seen”. The work was subsequently shown at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki in September 2017, where writing in the catalogue said: “This expressive painting that reshaped abstraction is best viewed with patience and attention.” Reviewing The Little Acre for the Guardian in 2017, Lucy Whitley argued that McCahon gave “form and personality and specific mood to abstract art in a remarkable way”, and that the abstract monument has “all the drama of great tragedy, and sees the world with a clarity and force unimaginable to most ordinary mortals”.

History and analysis
The finished work is 23.5 centimetres wide, with the two lower limits at 16.5cm and 12.5cm respectively. When first exhibited privately in 2007, according to the artist, while on an art history course, the canvas was two and a half times the size that it is now.

The painting was commissioned by Colin McCahon’s uncle, the Reverend Robert Todd. Todd was a suffragist who in 1911 had become the president of the Federated Women’s Clubs, a branch of the National Council of Women. In 1912 he was instrumental in lobbying New Zealand to support women’s suffrage, and he believed that formal education and financial security would bring women closer to the struggle for social and political equality. By 1917, McCahon’s uncle had become a prominent figure within the Brudenell District branch of the Federated Women’s Clubs. In an interview conducted in 1974, McCahon reflected:


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Pirate Jigsaw is an exciting puzzle game. More interesting than ordinary puzzle games, in Pirate Jigsaw you will travel on the seas.
You have to match puzzle pieces with other pieces by combining colors and shapes.
– Pirates at sea
The inspiration for Pirate Jigsaw came from the legend of pirates. At the time of writing this game, true pirates are still roaming the seas.
They are similar to secret agents, no guns are used. To match the puzzle, they use their clever thinking and the power of subtext.
Your goal is simple: Find the path, then you will encounter plenty of difficult challenges to do it.
Don’t worry about the finding of the puzzles, as this is not the focus. Your mission is to complete one puzzle.
When you complete a game, you will get an exciting reward, and the game will return to the main menu.
– Amazing three-dimensional images
I collected my first best and best images from hundreds of websites and chose the top 500 images.
They all have fantastic three-dimensional images that depict the central theme of the game.
3D images are easier to match. The images are not too colourful, and many of them are moody.
It is suitable for any scene, and is very suitable for the gameplay of Pirate Jigsaw.
– An ideal setting for relaxing
Pirate Jigsaw is a relaxing puzzle game. It’s fine to play it in the evening or in the morning.
When you complete a game, the game will return to the main menu.
You can still open your puzzle and keep playing at any time.
– Colorful but easy to learn
Each puzzle piece has several different colours, so you can combine three pieces to form another piece.
The goal is very simple, but it has a tremendous amount of challenge.
You can collect rewards to increase the difficulty or use hints to help you learn the rules of the game.
– Set your own difficulty
You can set your own goal to achieve in every game.
For example, if you want to get the lowest score, the challenge will be set to Easy mode, and so on.
– Beautiful collection of galleons and pirate ships.
You will find the top galleon games of all time, the good old pirate ships and some unexpected warships.
You will also find pirate ships from exotic locations.
The image quality is exquisite, and the ship models have great details.
– Easy to use


How To Install and Crack Mango:

  • Locate the Sine Mora files in the Download section and download the file.
  • Run the setup and install the game.
  • Click the Finish button to start the game.
  • Once the game is installed, launch it from the Windows Start menu.
  • Click the wine menu and select the exe file that you installed in the game.

How to Play Sine Mora:

  • Select the Sine Mora files from the game folder of the download area.
  • The.exe extension file is unarchiver and is directly usable to run the game.
  • Install the game and run it using the Windows Start menu.
  • Click the wine menu and select the Sine Mora exe file that you installed in the game.
  • Once the game is installed, launch it from the Windows Start menu.
  • Assign your peripherals to the game, such as the keyboard and mouse.
  • Use the WASD keys to move the game and Space bar to run.
  • To change the resolution, use the Num Lock key and press the up or down keys.
  • When the game gets connected to internet, enable the online features from the Game menu.

System Requirements For Mango:

– OS: Windows 7 or newer
– Resolution: 1080p
– Emulators: Retron – Minimum Recommended
– Hardware: 2GB RAM / 2.8GHz Core i5 CPU
– Corei5-1650M @ 2.2GHz
– Corei5-4500 @ 3.2GHz
– Corei5-6600K @ 4.0GHz
– Corei7-4800K @ 4.0GHz
– NVidia GTX 970
– 2GB VRAM€-oil-tycoon-hack-mod-with-license-code/


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