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BT Watcher Pro is a practical and handy application that is designed to help users watch all incoming and outgoing connection and traffic over the Internet.
With this particular tool, you can either generate real time logs for the whole month or just for a single day. Moreover, the logs can be sorted by destination, type, IP, etc. With the help of this application, you can easily monitor your LAN connection, as well as IP traffic or browsing history. The latter one is very useful if you wish to examine the recent and outgoing connections of your visitors. Moreover, you can easily identify the websites that they visit, as well as their bandwidth usage and time of browsing.
What is cool is that you can examine all of these details and sort them in real time with the help of this software. You can even set custom variables and even create your own alert queries. Once you have created such queries, you can set them to run automatically. Moreover, the Log in Monitor displays various statistics, such as the most visited website, amount of data transferred, number of dropped connections and more.
If you are a user who is always on the go, you will greatly appreciate this application. This is a must-have tool for those who wish to monitor their network and ISP connection and set certain predefined variables to run upon certain events.
Sketchup: 3D Builder License
SketchUp is a software tool that enables you to create a 3D model of anything. It is an interactive 3D environment in which you can create, view and edit 3D models of any physical space. SketchUp allows you to create models of any shape or size. SketchUp provides a full range of features for creating models, refining your work and presenting it. SketchUp comes with a set of standard tools that you use to build a model, from 2D to 3D.
With SketchUp you can start the process of creating and refining a model in the 3D space. During the construction process you can add and modify geometry and text. When you are done, you can view your model and share it with others.
SketchUp makes it easy to share and publish your model online. You can embed your model in a webpage, embed it in a web application or insert your model into a 3D web browser. With its Web App and Web APIs, you can also use your model in mobile apps and websites.
So far, we have just shared the basic features of SketchUp. You can download the full 384a16bd22

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Capture any keyboard event directly to clipboard!KEYMACRO is a very simple tool, which allows you to capture any keystroke directly to your clipboard. You can use it to capture the sequences of keys, for example, when you are programming with AutoHotkey and creating macros. You can also use it to capture sequences of the keys on your keyboard, for example, when you are playing a game and need to record the whole sequence of the given key. The application saves the captured keystrokes as plain text files.
Note: On Windows 8 and earlier versions it may crash when there are too many keystrokes in one macro, for example, pressing Shift, Alt, Spacebar, Enter and Backspace all at once.
Keyboard Event Recorder
Macro manager
Keyboard logger
Real-time logging
Restart, stop, pause, resume, clear and exit recording
System tray icon
Supports a wide range of keyboard layouts
Easy and simple, even for beginners
Keyboard recording can be done with a simple and intuitive interface. Just select the keyboard layout, select the event, press the start button, record the event and press stop to save it. Keyboard recording is triggered only after pressing the start button.

MacroManager is a simple yet powerful macro recording program that allows you to record keyboard macros and perform them directly on any application at your choice. You can create short macros to quickly perform frequently used operations, like searching or opening your files, or long macros to perform complex operations.
Macros can be configured on the fly, with unlimited number of steps. And you can even go beyond keyboard macros to include mouse and screen commands.
Macro Manager allows you to save macros for different events and perform them repeatedly. In addition, you can record the sequence of different keystrokes on the keyboard.

AutoHotKey is the Windows-only successor to the Apple Scripting application AutoKey, which allows users to automate actions that would otherwise require repetitive typing of keyboard shortcuts.
The application enables users to automate commands or routines across multiple programs and websites with the intent of making tedious or repetitive tasks faster or easier.
More than 200 hotkey commands are supported, and users can create their own commands. While AutoHotKey is designed to work in conjunction with external programs such as AutoIt or AutoItX, it does not require it to be installed.
Windows 8 and newer versions (8, 8.1, 10

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