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KEYMACRO is a widely used tool in the computer industry to easily
create keyboard macros or shortcuts that are saved in a single
text file. This software also saves your data when the file is
closed and reopen it. KEYMACRO is perfect for a lot of people that
want to access/create keyboard macros and/or for creating keyboard
shortcuts on a daily basis.
TinyBuild Description:
TinyBuild is a simple program that you can download and install on
your computer. This program can help you build DOS (e.g. Windows
95) and/or 32 bit Windows applications. With TinyBuild, you can
build applications and have them work on your computer in no time.
TinyBuild is a fully featured application and it can do a lot more
than the name implies.
Note: You can also use TinyBuild to build a special DOS file to
install Windows programs. Simply open the program’s dos type
installer, select a Windows program you want to install and then
click on “DOS Installer”.
TeamViewer Description:
TeamViewer is an easy to use remote desktop program that is
available for Microsoft Windows (32 bit and 64 bit), Mac OS X,
iOS, Android, Windows CE and Linux. TeamViewer offers a wide
variety of remote desktop features such as audio and video
redirect, screen sharing, and file transfer. With TeamViewer you
can remotely view and control another computer or laptop and
easily navigate around its desktop and files.
VLC Description:
VLC is a multimedia player for various audio and video formats,
including DVDs, CDs, VCDs, SVCDs, Internet streaming media,
DivX, MPEG, MP3, Ogg, OGM and real-time streaming protocols.
Although this program is not just a media player, it is
definitely one of the best free and open-source media player
available. VLC is the most compatible media player to stream
content from the Internet.
Simplicity Description:
Simplicity is a program that is designed to be the simplest,
fastest and cleanest system monitor available on the market.
Simplicity is not just another Windows system monitor. This
program includes all the features that you will need to keep a
close eye on your system. Simplicity is capable of showing your
computer’s information, such as CPU load, memory usage, a77f14ba26

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Microsoft Agent is a talking agent in CyberBuddy, which is just like the real person talking to you. You can ask it various questions or send messages to it, and the thing it does best is automatically remind you about important events and remind you to do things like meeting with a friend or doing a project.
1. You can use the Microsoft Agent to check the time, weather, stocks, news, make jokes and thoughts of the day, and more.
2. You can request to speak with the Microsoft Agent and ask it to tell you jokes, news, and anything else that you want.
3. You can also make it speak as a woman, man, or robot.
4. You can request the Microsoft Agent to tell you a joke.
5. You can ask the Microsoft Agent to speak in different languages.
6. You can make the Microsoft Agent to blink, sit idle, and look at you.
7. You can customize its voice, color, speed, and gestures.
8. You can speak to the Microsoft Agent in Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese.
9. You can also speak to the Microsoft Agent as a child, child, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandma, and other characters.
10. You can customize the way in which the Microsoft Agent reacts to your commands.
11. You can ask the Microsoft Agent to respond to your questions.
12. You can send emails to the Microsoft Agent.
13. You can even make the Microsoft Agent sing, dance, or beep to you.
14. You can also ask it to beep, vibrate, or shake for any reason.
15. You can invite the Microsoft Agent to your homescreen.
16. You can also make the Microsoft Agent remind you to do something.
17. You can make the Microsoft Agent speak in a human or robotic voice.
18. You can also make it blink, show a different expression or different gestures.
19. You can also make the Microsoft Agent understand more than one language.
20. You can also make the Microsoft Agent display the things you ask it to display for you.
21. You can also make the Microsoft Agent say your names, greetings, and so on.
22. You can also tell the Microsoft Agent to talk for you in different languages.
23. You can also turn the Microsoft Agent into your computer wallpaper.

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