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Connect USB power hub to computer.
Set up USB Chargeable Host to be enabled or disabled.
Enjoy use of USB chargeable hub with computer.

Install Chargeable USB Download

Please install using all the recommended options available, in the order that they appear.
Select ‘Run’ or ‘Start’ on your desktop.
At the ‘Choose a program to open:’ screen, select ‘Chargeable USB Host.exe’.
Click on ‘Install’ to install the application.

Current Version Update

No official updates have been released yet, but you can always check this article for updates and fixings.

Current Version Download

You can always download and install the latest version by clicking here. The link will take you to the latest version available.

App Size (In MB)



Vientiane Software Development Ltd.

Developer Website


User reviews of Chargeable USB Host

By Zyrix

Buy this.

By rl567

It’s a good program.

By Jemdd

I don’t know why but mine is showing up as disabled.

By tjc1

I never had a problem.

By bw817

I have a 14 inch laptop and after updating I found that it is inoperative.

By Lee_Dyson

I have a 15 inch lappy and it works.

By DeeDee

It works, I’m happy.

By rn8cw

This is the way to go.

By Aat_Ann

I was looking for this for a while. After looking through the reviews I decided to give it a try. I have a 13.3 inch acer laptop and its pretty much the same as your description. Its actually disabled but as soon as I switch on the laptop, its enabled. I’m using it to charge an iphone 3g. So far its working great and I can’t wait to see if this works when I’m in my office. Thanks!

By kix11

Works great.


It works and looks good.

By matt eea19f52d2

Bluefox Video Converter is an application designed to help you convert and edit videos. It features easy to use interface and file queue, which helps you create personalized output profiles. It supports almost all video file formats. A simple “drag and drop” method is available to add files to the queue, which lets you drag file list from a file browser or a folder view into the window. You can set the output format, quality and other specific settings. The built-in video player shows all information on the clip in details, so you can easily decide which one you like.

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Greenshot is the new, free screenshot and screen recording software for GNU/Linux. It has been developed to run on GNU/Linux, BSD/macOS, and other Unix-like operating systems.

Greenshot runs on any desktop, notebook or tablet computer. There is no need to download an installer or make it work via Wine or similar technologies. It is a command-line application, so you can use it to save a screenshot or record your screen.

Greenshot is open source software, so you can check its source code if you like. It is free for use, modification and distribution.

Greenshot is an open-source application. It has been developed by Thomas Driller, Sebastien Braun, and Markus Gritli.

Greenshot Features:

The screenshot can be saved in PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, SVG, PDF, BMP, PDF or PPM.

Record screen and clipboard: These features can be used together or separately



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